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Croosade - MapleStory private server

Low rate MapleStory private server. Pre and post big bang.

Croosade is a low rate MapleStory private server running two different versions. One is the nostalgic, pre big bang v92. The other one is progressively being updated and currently is at v147.

Our rates are 4x Exp, 4x Quest Exp, 3x Drop and 2x Mesos for the progressive server and 4x Exp, 3x Quest Exp, 3x Drop and 3x Mesos for the pre big bang server.

Croosade can not only be played on Windows but also on MAC/Linux.

The whole staff is very friendly, educated and expierenced. We place great value into our community, taking care of our website, forum and chat, while our development team is constantly working to implement new features and fix bugs.

We are using the latest technologies to protect us against attacks as well as losses in case of a failure. We are monitoring the servers and we test all new features to prevent bugs and memory leaks. Minor glitches can always happen but we do what we can to make sure that there are no rollbacks and that the server is up 24/7 if possible. By using different gateways we try to guarantee you the best possible connection stability.

Unlike the official servers we give you NX Cash for free! You don't have to spend money for it, you can obtain it from voting instead.

There's no HP Washing on Croosade, for the pre big bang server we implemented an alternative system where you can obtain more HP through defeating Zakum and Horntail. On the progressive server Gachapon Tickets and Miracle Cubes drop from monsters, on the pre big bang server Miracle Cubes are not available. LV. 35 and LV. 43 Maple Weapons drop from monsters while the LV. 64 ones can be crafted. Profession system in Ardentmill or Maker skill do work. Unlike most other servers we have a fully working Family system. Neo City is available. All existing Party Quests, bosses and classes are available and working. Skill Books drop from monsters, Evan ones drop from Zakum. Job advancing is completely GMS-like from the advancement itself up to 4th job skill quests. Long boat rides are optional. The Party EXP formula is set to 80:20. Quite a few useful play commands are available. On the pre big bang server there's a custom point shop from which you will also receive a starter pack if you open it the very first time. To your complete satisfaction we have added a few client modifications like Tubi and performance upgrades.

Besides all the great features already mentioned, we also have the following:

  • Buddies
  • Guilds
  • Skill Macros
  • Taming Mobs
  • (Multi) Pets
  • Store Permits and Hired Merchants
  • Mini Games
  • GMS-like friendship, engagement and marriage
  • Fully customizable Cash Shop
  • All type of Megaphones
  • (Buffing) Weather Effects
  • Morphs
  • Teleport Rocks
  • Safety Charm
  • Wheel of Destiny
  • Vicious' Hammer
  • 2x Coupons (only in pre big bang)
  • Chalkboard
  • Miu Miu the Traveling Merchant
  • (Inventory) Slot Expansions
  • iTCG Materials Box
  • 99% of all quests working
  • Quest ranking
  • Official GM Events
  • Universal Gachapon

124 players are online | 9/23/2020 08:19:49 am UTC

Exp: 4x, Quest Exp: 4x, Drop: 3x, Mesos: 2x