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    S>10str 6att unique almighty ring

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    -CLOSED- 120k clean & 5.6k STR Paladin quitting sales.

    aw shoes ign cevapi
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    Chaos Scroll of Goodness

    Release cogs that can +1, +2 And maximum of +3. 30% chance.
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    Post your currently favourite Track!

    I have had this song on repeat for almost 3 weeks now. I don't know what's wrong with me but it's so effing good. I don't even speak Spanish.
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    Croosade bikini bottom contest!

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    Revert Empress V2 Cape Drops

    No. Just no. V2 items is just dropping in price same with empress weapons. Leave capes as it is.
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    everything sold

    550 head 500 glove
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    Crusader codex

    ^Working much better , thank you.
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    Crusader codex

    I have no edits. This was actually fine yesterday, was looking for a scroll drop and scrolled through monsters... Today after update / restart this started.
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    Crusader codex

    IGN:Cevapi Item name: Crusader Codex What is wrong with the item?: While going through a set and scrolling through monster cards to check drops causes game to crash
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    S> DABR

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    S> DABR

    No , i¨ll be withdrawing my bid if you extend past "this weekend" No Point bidding if you're waiting for AW.