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    something nice about her
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    Operation Save Croosade

    well the question is do they code the server for themselves or for the community? not saying they should agree with everything we say but when the direction goes the same way as v92 did (lack of listening > server about to die > trying to revert nerfs/buffing things that been suggested for...
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    perf katara 24% td 12% att

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    perf katara 24% td 12% att

    selling or trading for perf one 2l boss 1l ied and vice versa or perf + top up c/o 500m + 3 mcs by rogerskenny no a/w not gonna sell if people lowball
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    v92 reboot

    if gach isnt going to be in the cs i hope we can pre-vote
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    Ability Circulators

    also make it gms-like so we get circs from leveling honor :)
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    everything charlie said above me plus Battle Mage, Wild Hunter, Phantom, Mercedes, Kaiser, Angelic Buster, Aran, Evan, Demon Avenger, and Xenon have skill revamps
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    300k credit giveaway

    p2w :oops:
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    Adding balanced furies and c.ilbis ?

    you'll be able to get it again in v146 when masteria gets an overhaul
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    Where is everyone?

    youre on the wrong game version most likely
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    Farewell break time!

    gonna miss u tay gl with ur semester :love:
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    Croosade's Meme Thread !

    god cant wait for a 2020 full of drama :rolleyes:
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    B>godly thief emp oa (doesnt have to be finished)

    beep boop bump bump
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    PQ item rewards

    werent the requirements to get items like rex earrings/kenta goggles etc. supposed to be lowered in v137?