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  1. Salted

    Can't vote

    He's not going to be able to so I guess I'm SOL. Thanks
  2. Salted

    Can't vote

    You meant in-game right? Just tried that as well as re-logging on the website, no go.
  3. Salted

    Can't vote

    Hey! I just walked in the door 3 minutes ago and went to vote but I'm getting the error message that I already voted about 20 minutes ago At first I had assumed it's cause I'm on a VPN but i turned it off and I still get the message (My NX Cash is still at 32k like it was before I left for work...
  4. Salted

    The positive impact of the post-bb move

    Why are my only options to be happy or sad? Let me be pissed off too
  5. Salted


    How do you fight the boss? I'm stuck in this room and clicking on the mirror just pops up that the script isn't coded yet
  6. Salted


    no rings tho....
  7. Salted

    Ore Drops....

    HEY! I don't play this version but just a quick q, does the follow mechanic still work? Could just get jq svc
  8. Salted

    MESO SINK + NX + @points shop (v92)

    Yeah I know I was watching you R> But not having a party would be the same as the NX in the sense that it'll be easier with more people. Zak can drop 10000 NX, I'm still not wasting my time HSing it unless my party is killing in 20 minutes or less
  9. Salted

    MESO SINK + NX + @points shop (v92)

    Just a quick question... If we're trying to get meso out of the economy why do we need nx to drop in bosses?
  10. Salted


    Haha disregard this...Dela just reminded me that maker skill makes things.
  11. Salted

    Croosade Big Bang Service

    SO, can I trade my v95 Nx for v92 Nx?
  12. Salted


    Could you please increase the drop rate on this item? I've never seen Zak or Pap drop it once.
  13. Salted

    CRAZY LAG! please refund my 2x card

    Why did you buy a x2 card if you were lagging that bad?
  14. Salted

    SP Reset

    If they wont do it I'll spend some of my nx helpin u guys out for awhile
  15. Salted

    Moving away

    This shreds our CZak plans but at least I'll be able to catch up on my Manga backlog
  16. Salted


    I'm with Charlie on the Mage bit, why would you want more MP when it does nothing for you? Although I'd like to see myself gaining enough HP from orbs to survive HT I think we should keep it as-is and just make the Bishops scroll HP armor.
  17. Salted

    Advantages to keeping ores unrefined?

    Makes me laugh as much as "B>Dark ores 100k ea Jewels 1m ea."
  18. Salted

    Introducing Fusion!

    To be fair, spell traces are still new and are still dropping in price. I see people selling @ 20k today.
  19. Salted

    Reduce the RNG in recipes

    I love it I get 3+ each Zak/Pap so if they never failed I would be done in a week or 2....
  20. Salted

    Introducing Fusion!

    Aren't ToT bosses classified as minibosses though?