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    Latest Accomplishments

    Finished up this bad boy last night!
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    Cubing, Protection Scrolls, and Innos

    I just don’t see how some people think taking 500 for say 15% is acceptable. Yes it’s all rng and we can get that roll in the first couple and be happy. I’ve only rolled 21%+ 3 times and twice was on my kentas for int. I feel either buffing prime lines or removing some of the trash like others...
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    Empress potion bug causes/workarounds?

    I’ve had it happen quite a few times. No pet auto, no familiar. Happened to me 3 times in a row at VL. I basically stop doing anything to use a potion. Sometimes it still happens so I don’t know.
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    meso drop is a waste of time

    LHC has never been a place to gain mesos/drops. the mob spawn is too low. its 100% a grinding map
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    [v110] Official Damage Range Thread

    Your range is insane. If only we didn’t play such a worthless class....
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    So I am an active paladin (ign: Chess), first off in regards to the skill changes, they will come when they were introduced in gms so that’s not going to happen. Which are some of your requests (4 line blast, 2 line acb). I don’t understand HH needing more range as it can hit all plats at BW...
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    60m for it
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    725m CHTP
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    It shows sold
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    675 chtp
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    600 chtp
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    500m CHTP
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    [v110] Official Damage Range Thread

    Pretty happy with my paladin, still have a few things to improve on. 198% STR. Where are the other 3 active paladins?
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    everything sold

    I’ll raise my CHTP offer to 350m.
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    everything sold

    300m on CHTP
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    Looking to quit

    12 538 253
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    % STR Gear sale

    Hey I’m interested in the shield and the 6% pendant. Can you let me know what you’re trying to get so I don’t super lowball. Still learning the prices.