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    Crusader codex

    IGN:Cevapi Item name: Crusader Codex What is wrong with the item?: While going through a set and scrolling through monster cards to check drops causes game to crash
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    B> empress 2h sword

    Title. Name your price.
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    B> timeless/reverse bardiche

    As title. Willing to pay for this. Also paying more for over average stats , potted or 3L. Hit me up. Discord me for faster contact. Gramoz#9309
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    pig oil

    IGN: Gramoz Name of Quest: Never give up What is wrong with the Quest: quest item doesnt drop Missing Drop?: YES If YES, what drop?: Pig oil
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    B> bigbang 30

    As title. Since I owl everyday and fail these books I will also try here. Help a fellow bishop! 😣 1543575561 Don't throw these books please. :< B
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    Hi. Post stats and price please. 1543139629 Still buying
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    S> Epic Dimon Wand

    Selling this wand. SB: 50m.
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    Inventory expand

    Should we use Nx to increase our inventory slots or will there be another way to do it?
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    Crazy lags.

    Ingame is just unplayable atm. Have up to 5 seconds of delay, what's going on? Now it seems that the Croosade site even lags.
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    "This is an ID already logged in"

    Died inside Dojo and couldn't release my body so it just hung around. Tried to log out and in and now i'm stuck. Says i'm online and I cannot log back in.
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    Sold S> 50atk Shinobi Bracer

    Offer me. C/O - 80m by lyff. Plenty of room to CSS and continue to scroll.
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    B> Well scrolled casters / mamba/ craven

    Title. Hit me up.
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    B> Godly scrolled Casters

    As title says. Hit me with your price.