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  1. Harvey

    Familiar buff

    It's the buff
  2. Harvey

    Familiar buff

    That sucks, now what D:
  3. Harvey

    Familiar buff

    Which buff isn't shown is what I meant lol
  4. Harvey

    Familiar buff

    Which buff?
  5. Harvey

    balrog party quest

    Closing this thread. It was already reported and it will be fixed very soon.
  6. Harvey

    Raise max level

    All join the v137 hype train.
  7. Harvey

    Maple Croosade Video Constest - 1b prize!! 8/15 ~ 9/15

    Awful music!
  8. Harvey

    High Hp mob farming map with better cubes drop rate

    We won't be adding a channel that does this. I would rather use that evolution system crap that comes later.
  9. Harvey

    pink zak

    I don't think it should disappear. I will be moving this to bug reports!
  10. Harvey

    Cannot enter Balrog

    I know, but easy mode came first. So the ID that easy mode had, is normal mode now. Maps also changed most likely.
  11. Harvey

    Cannot enter Balrog

    Easy mode was removed. We will have to update Barlog Expedition. I'll let you know when that's done :)
  12. Harvey

    corsair/phantom bug?idk

    Is this similar?
  13. Harvey

    Password Issue

    @Heisenberg will handle this matter! Hold tight!
  14. Harvey

    Forgot PIC

    Has this been handled yet?
  15. Harvey

    Bans for logging into too many accounts

    Nothing wrong with the tone, I get that it can be frustrating. I guess we should be adding it to the ToS yes and as we speak I'm developing/testing an end date shown on the ban message. I checked the code for this by the way and I'm not sure whether the ban happens on the 5th account already or...
  16. Harvey

    Credits Top Up Thread

    @Teddy @Tommy
  17. Harvey

    Bans for logging into too many accounts

    This measure was indeed introduced after mass hacking happened due to some database leak of another server. This was on the v92 server back then and when we launched the progressive server we indeed adjusted it to only 5 (from 10) accounts and lowered the time to 12 hours (from 24). If I recall...
  18. Harvey

    Forgotten PIC after a long break

    I sent you a PM.
  19. Harvey

    Please add all NX Items from the versions we skip

    It's possible yes, but we are waiting on the cash shop update I believe. This should make things much easier (it could be done already and I'm not 100% sure if it really gets easier). Update should give us more opportunities I guess.