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  1. Moontricks

    Expand the tree event time

    Christmas was more than 2 weeks ago, I just want my inventory space 😭
  2. Moontricks

    R> v92 Zakum/HT runs

    Id be down to go, although that time is 1am for me so that would be hard to plan !
  3. Moontricks

    auto banned... again

    IGN of Banned Character: ... ghosts Appeal: ... had this happen earlier, how can i avoid this. please look into this so i can play thank you Screenshot of Ban Message ...
  4. Moontricks

    It's Dead

    I dont think id ever touch v92 if it wiped. Ive been logging into it a bit trying make it look slightly more active. I want to run zak on it or something
  5. Moontricks

    Current favorite songs?

    This post had me listening to daft punk for the last hour :P Some of my favourites Listen to Happiness ft. Huntress(Out on Smokey Crow) by NOG #np on #SoundCloud Skinshape - dont call my name Moontricks - whiskey banjo
  6. Moontricks

    Farewell Thank you, Croosade

    Best of luck Tommi, you will be missed here! Enjoy whatever you are moving onto. It was a good time knowing you <3
  7. Moontricks

    Ban Appeal

    IGN of Banned Character: ... Ghosts Appeal: ... This must be an autoban mistake. I don't use anything except the VPN listed in the guides section due to DC issues. Please look into this when you can, thanks. Screenshot of Ban Message ...
  8. Moontricks


    Id be down to go on 174 evan, never had the chance to bring him on a HT run
  9. Moontricks


    C/o 265m taleofus Taking cubes at 3.5m
  10. Moontricks


    c/o is 220m a/w 360 in my shop fm8 far left, middle row
  11. Moontricks


  12. Moontricks

    Special Monsters in Drop list

    I think they are events/non existent. I tried several ones in mini dungeons and they werent the (special) mobs either. The mobs at muddy bank 3 drop dark crystal ores and are only lv 65 ish
  13. Moontricks

    Buccaneer Dragon Strike

    If this is accurate, it says it's increased at lv 15
  14. Moontricks

    Are witch belt scrolls the same as regular chaos scrolls?

    I thought witch was 100% pass rate, but same +-5 rate
  15. Moontricks

    Increase Manon Cry Drop to 6

    Why leave out one person? 6 just makes sense
  16. Moontricks

    Worth waiting for UA's?

    Thanks for the reply guys. I keep reading a lot of conflicting things about UA. Many people have way different ideas on them, but sometimes it's hard to tell exactly what patch you are reading about. Does flame gear work on bosses at all, or is it more like mist? Ive read some sites that say...
  17. Moontricks

    Worth waiting for UA's?

    Which UA skills do you think are the most useful?
  18. Moontricks

    R>CWKPQ reg team

    Thats a great time for me. Ign: shambhala. 135 shadower Im unsure if cygnus can cwkpq but if they can i can come on dawn warrior if needed.
  19. Moontricks

    s>or t> 15% dex/6% str unique earring

    Selling this or trading for 15% luk preferably with dex or str.