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  1. Moontricks

    auto banned... again

    IGN of Banned Character: ... ghosts Appeal: ... had this happen earlier, how can i avoid this. please look into this so i can play thank you Screenshot of Ban Message ...
  2. Moontricks

    Ban Appeal

    IGN of Banned Character: ... Ghosts Appeal: ... This must be an autoban mistake. I don't use anything except the VPN listed in the guides section due to DC issues. Please look into this when you can, thanks. Screenshot of Ban Message ...
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  4. Moontricks

    s>or t> 15% dex/6% str unique earring

    Selling this or trading for 15% luk preferably with dex or str.
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    wrong forum,sorry. please remove
  6. Moontricks

    @Drops inconsistency

    Item: Gold double knife if you search this item with the drops command it tells you that blue kents drop the item. If you use the drops command at blue kents they don't list the item. I'm un sure if they are intended to drop the item or not, but I have not seen it drop.
  7. Moontricks

    S> NX (Maha the Polearm)

    Leave offers and IGN! C/O on Maha 10m ~ selling tomorrow around the time of this post
  8. Moontricks

    Introduction Coming back :)

    I used to play here religiously several months ago but had to quit due to work. Well I have myself some free time now and decided to install the game. Unfortunately it seems most the people I knew have either quit or changed to alts that I don't know. Hoping to run into you folk again as well...
  9. Moontricks

    Farewell Thanks for the good times!

    Well it's time of year for me to head to work again. As I said to a few of my close friends... I was a bit unsure if i was leaving for work or not. But looks like it's back on. My time here was short but sweet and I can say this was the most fun ive had on any private maple server. This...