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  1. Trapcard

    Latest Accomplishments Thread

    Your luck is too good... D:
  2. Trapcard

    CwPQ Bonus

    I know taos aren't added yet, not sure about blackfist cloak. I think they have it but at a low % since they have the other cape that looks like BFC but gives int.
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    B>Hurricane 30

    Buying all Hurricane 30. Comment below price or PM for offers. IGN: Trap
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    SP resets

    It's almost like you only read things you want to read LOL. If you're not willing to have civil debates you probably shouldn't make forum posts. The one point you always seem to go back to is my comparison of SP Resets and Cosmetic Items, which again is to portray cost and necessity. Not once...
  5. Trapcard

    SP resets

    To start, I'd like to again clarify that this is a forum post that's open to debate; as such I'm merely representing an opposing opinion. No one here is angry I would hope as it is again an open debate. I can see where some slight miscommunication is stemming. The idea of "balancing" SP resets...
  6. Trapcard

    SP resets

    No one's getting worked up bud. This is a forum post which means its open to discussion from other players. If you're offended then that is on you. I, myself, have messed up in my 3rd job skills by not maxing out the ranger skill "Thrust" since I'm too unwilling to get a mount and so I saved up...
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    SP resets

    Also if we were to go by your reasoning, if a player wants to buy NX equips that costs ~30k NX he/she would have to vote for about a week to accumulate the funds to buy said NX, should the GMs have to lower the price of equips since it takes a player x amount of days to buy it or would it be...
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    SP resets

    If you read what I typed next to it, it clearly states that most people get 4-8k nx. Regarding SP resets, they're added as a last resort. Which means if you messed up you'd have to save up to get the sufficient funds for it. NX being free means resetting your SP costs you nothing but time. If...
  9. Trapcard

    SP resets

    Though I see everyone's point of view on lower SP Resets since they're high, I'd have to disagree with the price having to be lowered. If a player made a mistake and didn't look up a proper skill build that's ultimately the affected player's fault and so he/she should have to fix it themselves...
  10. Trapcard

    S>Stonehead Tiger (ITCG for Facestompers)

    S>Stonehead Tiger no c/o Leave offers below or whisper Prince/Trap
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    Seeing Double!

    I was rooting for Vasectommy
  12. Trapcard

    Seeing Double!

    Let's go Tommy! Make us proud :D #Synergy
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    B>Sky Skis

    Looking for 95 ATT + Could be clean or scrolled. Leave info down below. IGN:Alexander
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    Beleaf in that Maker skill O_O

    Holy shit :O
  15. Trapcard


    S>119 ATT 8 Str Purple Surfboard (8/9) C/O 220M S>101 ATT Purple Surfboard Clean (2 of them) S>PoleArm ATT 60% (4) S>11/5/5/5 Dep Star U/H
  16. Trapcard

    Buying Aran Stuff

    B>Purple Surfboard 97 ATT+ B>Polearm ATT 30/60% B>Top STR 70/60% B>Helm Dex 60% B>Shoe Jump 60% B>Dex Crystal Ores PM me In-game or leave reply below~ IGN-Versace
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    Account Sharing Situatuon.

    You were shown in the SS directly denouncing Tommi, on an open forum, as someone who abuses account sharing and when you were confronted about it you claimed it was banter. That’s essentially what being passive-aggressive is. And as for your “banter” it’s not. To simply put it, its blatant...
  18. Trapcard

    Account Sharing Situatuon.

    First, as I stated, that character is no longer my main and even if it was it wouldn’t undermine my ability to understand how the gameplay would be impacted considering I’ve played other servers and have a good foundation on how the game essentially runs.Secondly, I understand your perspective...
  19. Trapcard

    Account Sharing Situatuon.

    What logic does that make? Because of my signature portraying a low level ranger (which is no longer my main) I am ignorant to the effects of account sharing? Account sharing has its ups/downs and that’s that. And going off of what you said on how you will 100% notice it, no you essentially...
  20. Trapcard

    Account Sharing Situatuon.

    Are you able to further elaborate on this topic? Because I’ve never heard of someone sharing their account to get ahead and/or use it monopolize bossing on this server at all. From the looks of rankings people climb up high because they put effort into things and that’s the way I see it.