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  1. Trapcard

    B>Hurricane 30

    Buying all Hurricane 30. Comment below price or PM for offers. IGN: Trap
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    S>Stonehead Tiger (ITCG for Facestompers)

    S>Stonehead Tiger no c/o Leave offers below or whisper Prince/Trap
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    B>Sky Skis

    Looking for 95 ATT + Could be clean or scrolled. Leave info down below. IGN:Alexander
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    S>119 ATT 8 Str Purple Surfboard (8/9) C/O 220M S>101 ATT Purple Surfboard Clean (2 of them) S>PoleArm ATT 60% (4) S>11/5/5/5 Dep Star U/H
  5. Trapcard

    Buying Aran Stuff

    B>Purple Surfboard 97 ATT+ B>Polearm ATT 30/60% B>Top STR 70/60% B>Helm Dex 60% B>Shoe Jump 60% B>Dex Crystal Ores PM me In-game or leave reply below~ IGN-Versace
  6. Trapcard

    Can't Craft ITCG items.

    Item name: Stormcaster Gloves What is wrong with the item?: Talking to spindle in Omega Sector wont give me the gloves. I have all the required materials for it. Spindle says to craft it i need the Stormcaster Gloves Forging Manual, 15 Leather and 2 power crystals which I have. After i talk to...
  7. Trapcard

    B>DEX 60% Scrolls

    PRIORITY B>Scroll for Bow For ATT 60%s (Need 5) B>Scroll for Overall For DEX 60% B>Scroll for Earring for DEX 60% B>Scroll for Cape for DEX 60% Comment below if you have any of these scrolls with the quantity you have and how much for each. TY! IGN: Trap
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    Maker Skill Guide

    THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE MAKER SKILL You cannot craft equips that is 6 or more levels above your current level. EX: If you are level 84 you cannot craft level 90 equips. You cannot craft common items. This includes items such as Capes, Work Gloves and etc. You are not able to craft...