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    S>10str 6att unique almighty ring

    sold :)
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    10 att 15% luk witch belt 400m

    c/o 300m a/w 400m :rolleyes:
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    Pirate PQ 25% bonus

    not sure why but we werent getting the 25% bonus from ppq
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    Familiar buff

    if the familiar buff doesnt appear there, does it mean I dont get the buff at all even if my familiar is out?
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    pink zak limit entrance

    im pretty sure* you can enter more than 3 times a day using @event edit: a bit tired but quite sure I went once after reset last night and 3 if not 4 times today
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    reverse db mask leveling stats

    I've heard mixed answers about this but I was wondering if my mask can regain stats by leveling if they're at 0? edit: I missclicked the "mark as solved" button, woops :rolleyes:
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    S>thief emp shoe 9luk 7att 12% luk 200m

    200m or 1 cube stack + 20m also accepting: ws 30m lds 20m
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    S>RH gloves 11 att 3l epic u/h

  10. float

    S>CHTP 38-40 all stat 2wa 7ma 2 slots left

    no c/o or a/w atm
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    S>CHTP 18int 12ma 3l 1 hammer slot left

    c/o 250m a/w 300m
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    S>9att 21% dex u/h Pirate Empress Hat & more

    sold em all
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    Counter Crush doesnt block damage

    IGN: Amazin Class: Cannonneer Skill name: Counter Crush What is wrong with the skill?: it doesnt block damage, video for reference
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    NL Quitting Sale

    c/o 85m - a/w 200m c/o 60m - a/w 90m c/o ? - a/w 100m c/o ? - a/w 60m c/o ? - a/w 150m also 2 clean witch belts c/o 40m - a/w 90m ea lowkey quit and have no idea about prices atm so feel free to offer :)
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    S>balanced fury (1 set)

    c/o 250m by @Rannn a/w 600m accepting cubes at 1.5m ea (woops, ty whoever moved to the right forum)
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    S>some random stuff

    Clean purple witch belts 20m ea u sok (2) cape for dex 60% 3.5m ea (2)
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    CWK Exchange Quest

    IGN: Alon Name of NPC: Joko What is missing from the NPC: Exchange Options according to the guides I followed I just need to finish "The Right Path" quest and I can access the exchange thingy but that doesnt work.
  18. float

    Czak helm 15% str

    s/b 200m c/o - a/w - wouldnt mind trading for a 3l unique/15% luk czak/scar/targa helm
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    T>10% int specs for luk :^)

    looking for 3l unique & cubes 10%+ luk, I'll add if urs is more than 10%
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    Party R>bishop for daily ht/czak runs

    just need a bishop preferably with manon cry, rather run roughly an hour after reset.