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    Chair sale of the decade

    20m for fuzzy kitty & nautilus each
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    Tophs Ultimate Cubing Guide

    great guide! you should also add in potential scrolls the quest that gives 100% epic scroll & that special potential scrolls can be obtained through gach (also are tradeable now) or the boss coin shop (which is usually not worth it)
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    Selling bandit / thief items or trading them for buccanneer eqs

    @Imbue nice dkhanjar 👀
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    [Skill] Taunt / Impeccable memory IV

    it doesnt apply if u 1shot the mob
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    S>10str 6att unique almighty ring

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    S>10str 6att unique almighty ring

    bump & added a/w forgot to mention that
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    pink bean disconnect

    mirrored target is bugged rn & dcs
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    S>10str 6att unique almighty ring

    sold :)
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    Unicorn Pet Set Quests Missing Script

    if u go to ur character info & press mounts they're there
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    v122: Champions x Rise Against

    that was quick af, hopefully we get homecoming and/or 9th anniversary events 🥳🤩
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    Inkery Shopperooni

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    Inkery Shopperooni

    I'd like to be a victim 👀
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    From start to finish Guide

    stolen skills are identical
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    10 att 15% luk witch belt 400m

    150m but dont think i'll sell it for less than 300 edit: c/o 300m
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    10 att 15% luk witch belt 400m

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    10 att 15% luk witch belt 400m

    c/o 300m a/w 400m :rolleyes:
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    " Your HWID is prohibited from login due to too many recent logins "

    this might help you
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    Credit Shop Changes

    afaik kms added it to the reg servers & didnt add it to reboot as they see it p2w (source ctrl+f luna crystal) as @Nakurusa said that you dont really want it in the game, would that be reconsidered if the community is highly positive about it or the fact thats its basically legit hack would...