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Oct 22, 2018
IGN of Banned Character: bikerider54
I've received a permanent ban for exploiting an event coin bug. I realize that abusing such bug for my own benefit is wrong, and I've learned my lesson. In my opinion, there are a few reasons to why the ban should be lifted, or shortened: 1. The exploit did not affect any other players, nor the economy in any way, the exploit meant I could receive a few more Legends Awards Coins. 2. The amount of coins I earned whilst abusing this bug was around 700, which is possible to obtain in a few days. 3. I do realize that what I've done is wrong, but I believe that the punishment I received is too grave. Players who abused way worse exploits in the past, for example, APQ, received a 30-day ban, and their offense was much more grave to the server's economy. I'm asking kindly, if you could review these solutions I'm offering, and give them a thought:

1. Is it possible for my ban to be lifted, but in return, my coins be reset.
2. If the first option is not viable, is it possible for my ban be shortened instead?

Thank you in advance, bikerider54

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Dec 30, 2018
IGN of Banned Character:
i exploited the rebuy bug with the event quest. my friend found about the exploit a day before i did it.. he told me and another friend about it, we got tempted to exploit 700 coins to afford event scrolls earlier and instead of farming them on multiple characters. so he started exploiting and i impulsively felt "if my friends get banned i will not have any more fun playing, so i might as well spend my last moments with them". it clearly did not last well, we got caught the next day! the ban duration seems inconsistent, the other players also got perm banned while other players that were banned for exploiting bugs that resulted in slight inflation (for example, the cubes/gacha bug) compared to the event coins that got us untradable goods and only got us self gains. i do not justify our actions but i think that a permanent ban is a bit too much, as the other exploiters received 30 day bans. we clearly deserve punishment - perhaps losing the exploited coins and a time out to let us regret our actions, if not an unban.. we will lose the legends awards event and the coin shop anyway. this event also taught me that exploiting any flaw in croosade really is pointless. the devs obviously put lots of work into extensive logging of player actions, considering we were found so quickly.. would definitely just report flaws i find in the future to keep the game clean, and fair.
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Jan 10, 2018
IGN of Banned Character: ...Simon
Appeal: ... A few days ago I got banned for event exploit, ever since I was debating if I should even appeal to something I was fully aware of its consequences. I decided to use the ban appeal section to talk a little bit about my case.
Before v105 came out I watched some v105 maplestory videos on youtube to get more hyped up for the patch as I stumbled upon this video :
After seen it I wanted to test it on croosade, just out of curiosity, and it worked, I got sucked into it without thinking of what could of happen,
I did it for 2 - 3 days and then I got banned.
My punishment was a permanent ban on my main account and 30 days on every other account.
I'm not trying to make excuses, no matter the reason why, this was a bad thing to do and obviously not worth it.
I think my lesson was learned not necessarily because of the ban itself that prevent me from playing but rather what I lost because of it.
I lost my ranking which I worked hard and legit for. (my thunder breaker)
I lost more then 20 characters that I put alot of time and ideas into.
But most impotently I feel like I lost alot of reputation among my friends & guildies.
I was always known as a noob I was known as a player who just mess around playing whatever however and that's fine but I was never known as a player who hacks or abuses certain things and this really makes me feel ashamed. In my eyes I ruined my image as a player.
I am not asking for empathy, what I did was wrong and I deserve to be punished, I do not even want my account back even If I had the option to make it 30 days.
I think by that I was punished more then enough, its not about what you did compared to others, its about what you did, period.
My main account is long gone and I'm accepting it, what I'm asking for is if maybe you could lift the 30 days and prevent me from participating in the event or any others to come. As I'm not gonna be around in 30 days (army) if you could give me that or delaying my ban but increasing its duration I'd be thankful.
I lost my account, and my image as a player and it hurts me on a personal level that I was too stupid to bring that on myself.
And with that I think more is just salt to injury, but I'm not expecting much..I just wanted to express my thoughts .

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Dec 9, 2017
I'm merging these appeals, because they're all for the same ban reason and my answer is the same for all of them.

What I'm getting here is the following:
"I wanted to abuse it instead of reporting"
"Everyone knew about the exploit come on"

You're getting punished for your arrogance of thinking you can get away with it instead of doing the right thing and reporting it immediately.

I could remove your coins, yes. But what if you've spent them? What if you've mainly abused this bug to level your characters, as quite a few of you have done? I could take away the levels, but leveling down characters is actually a fairly complicated process. Why should I waste my time doing that after you've shown such behavior on this server that I'm pouring so much of my time into? This is the reason your account bans are permanent. Exploits are handled on a case-by-case basis, and since this one involved EXP gain, you're pretty much SOL.

And before you get the idea to argue that your case is special and the "damage" is easier to undo: I'm not going to give anyone special treatment just because it happens to be easier to remove stuff in their case. I'm also not going to give anyone special treatment because their circumstances of life won't allow them to play after the HWID unban in 4 weeks - you should have thought about that before going and exploiting the first game-breaking bug you found.
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