Gachapon Has Arrived!

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The long awaited Gachapon will be released during today's restart. At first we wanted to create multiple themes for Gachapon but after reviewing it multiple times, we felt it would be more beneficial to the economy to have all items be combined into a universal Gachapon.
All the locations below have a Gachapon NPC where you can spend a ticket to obtain a random prize!
Gachapon tickets can be purchased with NX through the cash shop for 1,000NX per ticket.
We will not be providing a list of obtainable items from Gachapon. Players may feel free to create a guide if they are willing to do so.
  • Henesys Market
  • Perion
  • Kerning City
  • Ellinia
  • Nautilus Harbor - Mid-Floor - Hallway
  • Sleepywood
  • Mushroom Shrine
  • Zipangu - Spa (M)
  • Zipangu - Spa (F)
  • New Leaf City
PS: Universal means they all have the same items.
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yeah! the wait was worth!
thank you guys for your time and for suffering the memes. Now they will end but still stay as a funny memory (for us, i bet it was pain for you guys) <3

pls moon come back
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