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Dec 3, 2017
What version is this?

We are running on GMS v.92 which is the last version before the Big Bang update and this makes us the most advanced nostalgic server.

What are the rates?

Our rates are 4x Exp, 3x Quest Exp and 3x Drop.

Can I play on Mac/Linux?

Yes and there's a detailed installation guide which covers all the steps to get Croosade running on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Sound effects (doesn't affect BGM) are disabled on some systems because they caused the game to freeze.

Who is part of the staff?

All members with a red colored name are Administrators, all members with a purple colored name are Game Masters and all members with a green colored name are Moderators (on forum and chat).
For an actual list please refer to Staff members.

As long as you follow the rules you will notice that the whole staff is very friendly, educated and experienced.

How to become a staff member?

Try to be active and helpful on all our services and it's very likely that we will invite you to join the team some day.

How active are you?

We place great value into our community, taking care of our website, forum, chat and social networking platforms, while our development team is constantly working to implement new features and fix bugs.
Most of us are either studying or have a full time job and can't be around every day but we spend as much time here as we can to take care of all the administrative tasks.

How stable is the server?

We are using the latest technologies to protect us against attacks as well as losses in case of a failure. We are monitoring the servers and we test all new features to prevent bugs and memory leaks.
There will always be a bug but we do what we can to make sure that there are no rollbacks and that the server is up 24/7 if possible.

How to get NX?

You get Cash from voting which you can do by logging into your account on our website. Alternatively, you can receive Cash Shop gifts from other players.
In addition to that, Cash inventories are shared between all classes so that you don't have to spend Cash separately on each character.

I voted but I didn't get rewarded.

Make sure that you do the captcha on the toplist and that you wait a few minutes after voting because it can sometimes take a while for the toplists to send our server the confirmation.
If you still didn't get rewarded after 15 minutes, you should try again as something could have gone wrong.

It says that I already voted.

If it's our website that tells you that you already voted, then you did. Either you or someone else sharing the account, the computer or the internet connection with you. If it's just the toplists, ignore it because you will get the reward anyways.

I don't even see the captcha.

Make sure that you disable your ad blocker and try again.

Is NX permanent?

No because this could make voting somewhat useless.

How to wash HP?

The only way to obtain more HP is through defeating Zakum and Horntail.

How to get Gachapon Tickets?

From the Cash Shop.

Is there an equip potential/enhancement system?

No, there is not because for us this is something that doesn't belong into Pre Big Bang.

What about Maple Weapons?

The LV. 35 and LV. 43 ones drop from monsters while you can craft the LV. 64 ones by talking to Inkwell in Henesys.

Does Maker Skill work?

Yes, it does. If you have more specific questions check the Maker Skill Guide.

Does the Family system work?

It does not work yet but it will be implemented in the future.

Is Neo City available?

Indeed, it is.

Which Party Quests do work?

  • Henesys PQ (Moon Bunny)
  • Kerning PQ (First Time Together)
  • Ludibrium PQ
  • Ludibrium Maze PQ
  • Orbis PQ
  • Pirate PQ
  • Ariant PQ
  • Amoria PQ
  • Crimsonwood Keep PQ
  • Monster Carnival (Season 1)
  • Monster Carnival (Season 2)
  • Guild PQ
  • Ellin Forest PQ
  • Romeo and Juliet PQ
  • Dragon Rider PQ

Which bosses work?

All bosses that one could currently kill are working.

Which classes can be played?

Explorers (including Dual Blade), Cygnus Knights and Legends (Aran and Evan).

Are there Ultimate Adventurers?

No, they were not available in this version and although we have the possibility to customize content this is something for Post Big Bang.

Are all the classes fully functioning?

Everything should be working as expected but if you encounter a bug you may report it and we will get it fixed as soon as possible.

How to get the Evan Skill Books?

Zakum drops them.

How to job advance?

It's completely GMS-like from the advancement itself up to 4th job skill quests.

Are there long boat rides?

These are optional, you can also go to another island instantly.

What is the Party EXP formula?


My computer says that the client is a virus.

Rest assured, this is a false positive, all files you can download from our website are clean. If your anti-virus software doesn't let you start the game you can either add the detected files as exception or disable it completely while playing.

How do I create an account?

Go to our website and click on Sign up at the right top.

Are there player commands?

There are player commands and for a full list of these you can simply type @help in game.

Is there starter content?

If you log in for the very first time you can use the @points to receive a starter pack. If you use the command again the Croosade Point shop - which the NPC can tell you more about - will pop up.

Are there any client hacks?

The client starts in windowed mode, supports high resolutions, allows you to start more than one instance and has Tubi for looting and potion use.
Furthermore many internal patches have been applied to the client to provide better performance. This is especially noticeable on low-end systems (much lower CPU usage compared to a vanilla client).

What other features do you have?

Besides all the great features mentioned above, we also have the following:
  • Buddies
  • Guilds
  • Skill Macros
  • Taming Mobs
  • (Multi) Pets
  • Store Permits and Hired Merchants
  • Mini Games
  • GMS-like friendship, engagement and marriage
  • Fully customizable Cash Shop
  • All type of Megaphones
  • (Buffing) Weather Effects
  • Morphs
  • Teleport Rocks
  • Safety Charm
  • Wheel of Destiny
  • Vicious' Hammer
  • 2x Coupons
  • Chalkboard
  • Miu Miu the Traveling Merchant
  • (Inventory) Slot Expansions
  • iTCG Materials Box
  • 99% of all quests working
  • Quest ranking
  • Official GM Events
  • Universal Gachapon

Does every quest count for the quest ranking?

Generally only quests that can be done by all jobs (not including Beginners) count. The Evan quest line, for example, does not count. Repeatable quests only count once. Recurring event quests (Christmas, Easter, Golden Temple etc.) also count - in order to excel at this ranking you need to be loyal to Croosade throughout seasons! We are still tweaking the algorithm for this ranking, so you may see your count going down very slightly from time to time.

I just checked the rankings and they don't seem to update.

Rankings get updated every day at 12:00 am UTC because updating them too often can cause performance issues. With the server growing more resources are needed for the sorting algorithms.

I have another question.

Use the search function of the forum to see if someone else already asked the same question, maybe this helps you to find the solution. If not, feel free to open a new thread.
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Dec 3, 2017
What are Credits?

Credits are points which you can buy to exchange them for special items. Although it might seem unfair sometimes, we have to rely on such a system to generate money for the purpose of covering costs, whether it be server costs or promotional costs. Nonetheless, we will always try to keep this non pay to win.

Which payment methods do you accept?

Currently we only accept vouchers which we can exchange with our partners. We might add other vouchers in the future and we reserve the right to remove certain vouchers at any time.

What about PayPal?

PayPal doesn't provide the anonymity we're looking for. Furthermore the risk of chargebacks is too high.
If you want to make a payment using PayPal, check this list of retailers who sell vouchers and accept PayPal (as well as some other payment methods such as Credit Card):

How to pay using a voucher?

Go to our website and log into your dashboard. Now click the Credits tab and you should see a form where you can select a voucher and enter the code and the value. Some vouchers might require you to add attachments.
Once submitted the transaction will appear in your history at the end of the page. Now all you have to do is to wait, there's no need to contact us to let us know that you made payment!

Here's an explanation of the different states:
  • COMPLETED : We have validated your voucher and given you the Credits.
  • INVALID : The code is invalid.
  • SUBMITTED : We have received your payment.
  • USED : The code was already used.

How do you deal with fraud?

This will get you permanently banned!

What we consider as fraud is submitting stolen vouchers (or vouchers which were bought with stolen accounts) or redeeming a voucher after you have received the Credits.

How do I exchange Credits?

Just log into the game and type @credits in the chatbox. This should also give you an insight of what you get for supporting us.

Does the shop ever get updated?

With the server growing and the gameplay changing we might change prices and available items in the future.

I have another question regarding Credits.

Please contact @Teddy.
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