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UPDATE: Voting between the 24th and 26th will give you 2x NX Cash

As you all know, we're still in beta and haven't had much time to add any content since we're all busy fixing bugs. Luckily we were able to squeeze a small Christmas event in! It may not be much but please be aware that we did not have much time to work on one in the first place.

To start the Christmas quests, speak to Paperboy in Lith Harbor, Crossroads to Ereve, or Rien

To enter Happyville, speak to Rooney in Lith Harbor, Crossroads to Ereve, Rien, New Leaf City, CBD, Trend Zone Metropolis, Orbis, Ludibrium, Ariant, Magatia, El Nath, Mushroom Shrine, or Omega Sector.
Alternatively, Happyville can also be accessed through Dimensional Mirror found in most towns.
In Happyville, Rascal Snowpieces that drop from monsters can be traded in to Santa for rewards! Just use a transformation potion and sneak into the chimney.
We hope you enjoy!

Happy Holidays~!
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