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Dec 9, 2017
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Event period: July 27th ~ September 15th, 23:59 UTC
Croosade is currently running the Renegades event. This thread will give you an overview of what the event entails.

Coin Shop


Talk to Connor (found in most towns) in order to spend coins that you obtain throughout the event period. Available items include Renegades weapons, scrolls, recipes, Mastery Books (including Mystery Special Mastery Book, which is available for the first time on Croosade), chairs and other miscellaneous things.

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Renegades Festival Every Day:
Simply login once per day to obtain one coin.

Renegades Level-Up Challenge:
Reach the level goal set to you by the quest in order to obtain one coin.
  • Lv. 10~100: Level up 5 times.
  • Lv. 101~120: Level up 4 times.
  • Lv. 121~135: Level up 3 times.
  • Lv. 136~150: Level up 2 times.
  • Lv. 151~199: Level up 1 time.
Challenge Accepted! Complete 3 Party Quests:
Complete three party quests to get 8 coins. This quest can be repeated daily.

Challenge Accepted! Clear Monster Park 3 times:
Clear Monster Park three times in order to get 8 coins. This quest can be repeated daily.

Challenge Accepted! Complete 3 Azwan runs:
Complete Azwan (hard or hell mode) three times to get 5 coins. This quest can be repeated daily.

Pink Zakum


The OS4 research team has been working on an experimental Zakum clone. They're inviting willing adventurers to test their skills on it. You'll get an invitation in form of a walkie-talkie over your head every two hours (at xx:30). You only have one minute to join, so make sure to pay attention. The reward is 5 Renegades Coins and a Pink Zakum Gift Box. You can participate three times per day.

Note: Pink Zakum will be added in an upcoming restart, most likely tomorrow.

The event is a bit slower-paced overall than the previous ones, but I hope you still find it enjoyable.

PS: Apologies for the late post, I've been a bit busy.


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May 8, 2018
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Pink Zakum Looks Lit!

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