Server Changes (v92)

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Dec 9, 2017
  • Changed HWID check to allow three instead of two clients per computer.
  • Removed Christmas NPCs.

  • Fixed Lunch Box recipe.

  • HWID checks for all content now allow up to two clients from the same computer.

  • Decreased point shop prices.
  • Fixed Gaviota.
  • Removed Halloween mobs from towns.

  • Added Lunchbox recipe to fusion.

  • PIC can now be typed.
  • Added hack for AP Reset UI to go above 999 stats.

  • Fixed the Halloween event Jump Quest.
  • Fixed an issue with Chaos Scrolls.


  • Reduced amount of channels to 4.
  • Normal Balrog is now in channels 3 and 4.
  • Many minor changes.

  • Fusion has been added to the game! More info:
  • Chaos Forces have been added. They can be consumed up to 10 times, each consume gives 5 AP.
  • AP limit has been removed.
  • Zakum Force drop rate has been slightly increased.
  • Fixed an issue where Mystic Door wouldn't expire.
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to delete a character that was in a family.
  • Imported untradeable cash equips can now be traded and put in the Cash Shop.
  • The Follow System has been enabled.

  • Some imported equips and pets have been updated to prevent crashes.

  • Fixed a bug causing a guild to be stuck in an alliance if leadership was transferred.
  • Combo Ability will no longer be reset by dispel.
  • Fixed damage over time issue with Flame Gear.
  • Added family-related quests (Leader Al). The "Outstanding Citizen" medal quest can now be completed as well.
  • Added quest scripts for "Tristan's Successor" and "Killer Mushroom Spores, Again!".
  • Internal fixes.

  • The final EXP multiplier for Ellin PQ has been changed from 4x to 3x.
  • Balrog PQ drops have been fixed.

  • Ghost Ship PQ is now available (brought to you by Harvey).
    • You can get there by talking to Dolphin in Herb Town.
    • The level range is 60~80 at the moment. This will be changed at a later point.
    • Two parties of 3 members compete against each other.
  • Family entitlements are now functional, making the family system functionally complete.
  • Transparent Tie (universal pet equip) is now available from Cash Shop.
  • Added a workaround for a bug where Shammos got stuck in Ice Ravine 4.
  • Fixed a bug where Shammos would not appear after entering the PQ.
  • Internal changes.

  • Items that weren't supposed to be droppable now have the proper checks in place (esp. account-shareable items).
  • NX equips can now be sold in FM shops.
  • Increased amount of items that can be held in the Cash Shop.
  • Fixed a bug which saved potions in auto HP/MP from another character on the account.
  • Fixed a bug in Balrog PQ that made it impossible to kill after a certain amount of time.
  • Fixed crashing when removing mesos from storage when you were exceeding the limit.
  • Added Broken Glasses reward to Ludibrium PQ.

  • Fixed a bug where Battleship would absorb HP.
  • Internal fixes.

  • Transparent Kataras can now be bought from the Cash Shop.

  • Chaos Horntail is now available. The mode you enter depends on the expedition type you created. The cooldown is shared with Normal mode. There is no wheel limit; the timer is 4 hours.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from logging in if you are a Senior and were offline for more than 30 minutes.
  • Surprise Style Box is now Premium Cash Shop Surprise and comes with a dumb animation (you can thank Harvey for that).
  • Gold Richie map timer counts down from 1:07 now to account for the spawn delay.

  • If you are having trouble downloading the latest update click: Custom files Here If you are receiving a message stating the files are corrupted, you most likely have an edited UI.wz and will need to replace it with the original one.

  • Thousands of new cosmetic items have been imported (
  • Cooldowns for bosses and CWKPQ have been changed from 24 to 22 hours.
  • The Family system is now available for the most part.
    • You can register up to 2 juniors. Juniors must be below your level, but not by more than 20 levels.
    • As a senior, you will gain reputation from your juniors and their respective juniors for training and leveling up.
    • Entitlements are not yet available (pay no attention to the ones it is currently showing, they will be changed).
    • The junior statistics listed at the bottom of the Pedigree are not being computed yet.
    • Today's Rep does not reset yet.

  • Fixed a bug with Rebuy where the one-of-a-kind limitation could be bypassed.
  • Fixed a rare issue leading to loss of items when a Hired Merchant closed itself.
  • Internal fixes and lots of preparation for upcoming features.

  • Fixed a bug with mount quests introduced by the last restart. Affected players have been refunded.
  • Added an exchange for a temporary popsicle from Gold Richie.
  • Hopefully fixed a bug where you got kicked out of the Gold Richie event map right away.
  • Our latest client engineering miracle has arrived! Sold items can now be rebought from NPC shops (up to 50 items). They will remain there for up to 30 minutes after you log out.

  • Reduced Miu Miu price from 40 to 30 points.

  • Gold Richie has some NEWS for you.
  • Decreased Strawberry Popsicle drop rate.
  • Tablets can now be used to scroll Durability equips.
  • Fixed bug with Final Cut where damage varied between 0~200% instead of 100~200% (depending on charge).
  • Improved calculation of Monster Bomb explosion (self-)damage.
  • Fixed some bugs with Aran combo.
  • Fixed rare issue with quest completion if player didn't have a required item.

  • Increased drop rate of Elemental Staves from Castellan Toad.
  • Normalized drop rates for Stimulators across mobs.
  • Increased drop rate of Smiling Mask, Neutral Mask, Frowning Mask.
  • Added Clean Slate Scroll 10% as a reward to Orbis PQ and Ludibrium PQ.

  • Fixed Final Cut.
  • Name changes are now available in the Credit Shop. They will be processed during server restarts.
  • Croosade Donator medal is now available in the Credit Shop.

  • 4th of July celebration quests are now available from Cody and Agent M (Omega Sector) for a week.
  • Gachapon Tickets can only be bought/gifted by players that are Lv. 40 or above (or have such a character within the account) due to widespread abuse.
  • Active pets can no longer be put into Cash Trades.
  • Final Cut's buff now properly depends on how much it was charged.

  • Added item exchange for Ellin Forest PQ.
  • Added item exchange for Romeo and Juliet PQ in Yulete's lab.
  • Added /cashtrade command as an alternative to right-clicking.
  • Chaos Zakum now gives 9 Croosade Points.
  • Added Special Beauty Coupon to Credit Shop.
  • It is now possible to preview hair/eye colors in the Credit Shop even when not having enough credits to buy them.
  • Failing to protect Tylus or Delli will now kick you from the quest map.
  • Fixed a bug with Mystic Door where the door's owner ended up in weird locations in the map if they were not the party leader.
  • Fixed a bug with Mystic Door where you could spawn below the map in towns that do not have door spots (e.g., Mushking Castle).
  • Fixed deleting large quantities of Notes (e.g., after receiving lots of gifts).
  • Removed messages "This skill is available only when your energy is fully charged." and "This skill is available only during transformation.".
  • Internal fixes.

  • Balanced Fury stars can be recharged at more NPCs now.

  • Tweaked Gachapon.
  • Tweaked iTCG Box rewards.
  • 2x Drop is now only twice per week like 2x Exp.
  • Tiger Talons are now only obtainable from Chaos Zakum instead of Horntail.

  • Hero's Will/Pirate's Rage, Air Strike and Hypnotize now require skill quests to be done (only new players).
  • Fixed weddings getting stuck.
  • Removed access to Golden Temple.
  • Balrog PQ is now available.
  • Cash Trade is now available.

  • The Celebrity and Maple Idol Star titles can now be obtained.
  • Snail pets that ran out of life will now be removed from the inventory upon clicking them.
  • Double-clicking Water of Life should work now.
  • Fixed max level characters not seeing the exp they should have received.
  • Fixed getting stuck when a transaction in a player shop failed.
  • Internal fixes and changes.

  • Fixed an issue that led to some players not gaining their hourly Croosade Point.
  • Added option to skip Ninja Castle jump quest by exchanging 300 Jonin Throwing Stars.
  • Fixed a bug where self-buffed Thorns was overwritten by a weaker party buff.

  • Monster Carnival Season 2 is now available (coded by Taboo). Level range: 51-200.
  • The title challenges "The Carnivalian of Absolute Victory" and "The Gifted Carnivalian" can be attempted.
  • Added completion script for "Outstanding Citizen", however it won't do much until families work.
  • Fixed HT/PB Slayer ranking order.
  • AP Resets and SP Resets can now be purchased in bundles.
  • Added a workaround for a client bug that made gifting wish list items not work.
  • Fixed buying inventory slots in Cash Shop.
  • Fixed Aran Tutor showing up when entering the map above Lv. 10.
  • Fixed a bug where Hired Merchants closed if you disconnected while managing them.
  • Added Sharp Eyes and Thorns(next restart) to Smart Buff system.
  • Commands can no longer be put into skill macros :(

  • Fixed a bug in stage 2 of Amoria PQ that caused the password to be changed.

  • The Veteran Hunter/Legendary Hunter title challenges can now be attempted.

  • The quest ranking count mechanism has been updated to be more fair. The following quests no longer count: Quests that are exclusive to Explorers (Beginner training on Victoria Island, quests related to 4th job skills), certain low level Evan medal quests, quests for re-acquiring lost quest items. The Quest Specialist medal is unaffected by this change.

  • Durability items can now be repaired in many towns (all Victoria towns, El Nath, Leafre; talk to the Item Creator NPCs).
  • Fixed bug with Damage Over Time skills (Inferno, Flamethrower) introduced by last restart. Both now have their proper debuff duration.
  • Echo of Hero will no longer be dispelled by mobs.
  • Fixed a bug where Thorns gave the full effect to party members instead of half the effect.
  • Fixed a bug where the Smart Buff system interfered with certain Kerning Square quests.

  • Fixed item durability.
  • "+ Inventory" in the inventory tab now opens the point shop.
  • Fixed orbs disappearing when trying to loot it with a full inventory.
  • Fixed Ravana Helmet Chaos Scroll.
  • Changed Sunbursts to be stackable.

  • Drop rate of Ravana Helmet has been greatly increased.
  • iTCG Box price has been reduced from 150 to 125 points.

  • Pink Bean can now be attempted.
  • The Horntail Slayer and Pink Bean Slayer challenges can now be attempted.
  • Fixed issues with Hoblin King PQ and Tristan's Spirit quest introduced by the last restart.
  • Fixed tagging equips through Legendary Spirit.
  • Implemented "The Remnants of Horntail" quest. This is a repeatable version of the quest for Nine Spirit Egg, so multiple Dragon Stones can be obtained per character. Mind you that it still won't be possible to egg a pendant multiple times.
  • Fixed Shammos Ice Cliff quest (moving platforms).
  • Fixed Zombify and Shadow of Darkness debuffs.
  • Fixed bug with map ownership in busy maps.
  • It is no longer possible to accidentally drop Ripped Papers. If you dropped them previously and need a refund, PM Heisenberg on Discord.

  • If you lost your Wild Eye's Gas Mask, the door to Astaroth will now offer you a refund.
  • It is now possible to donate to towns and obtain the Donation King medals.

  • Golden Temple event brought to you by Taboo.
  • It is now possible to change the guild leader in Guild Headquarters.
  • Fixed a bug introduced by last restart that prevented completion of the perfume quest in Kerning Square.
  • Fixed Evans not being able to use 9th job books in 10th job.
  • Power Stance quest has been set to completed for Heroes/Paladins that already had the skill.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Nibelung, Castellan Toad etc. summons from attacking. Castellan Toad is once again accessible.
  • Implemented "smart buff" system - weaker buffs will no longer overwrite any better buffs you may have. This applies to Attack, Magic, Defense, Accuracy, Speed, Jump and Maple Warrior.
  • Changed @drops to also include bosses currently spawned on the map.
  • Normal scrolls can no longer be used on durability equips (this excludes Rex Earrings because of the vast amount of scrolled earrings already out there). Tablets will become fully functional in an upcoming restart.
  • Removed skill cooldown chat spam for Snipe (Marksman) and Air Strike (Corsair).

  • Added cooldown of 22 hours for access to "The Nightmarish Last Days" map.

  • Fixed drop rate of Doomsday Staff and a handful of other random items that had an extremely low drop rate.

  • Added access to Castellan in Ninja Castle.
  • Katara Stimulators now drop.

  • Internal fixes and changes.
  • MW30 has been removed from HT completely now; we want it to be from Pink Bean only. Players who had it at Lv 30 already have had it reset to Lv 20 and have been given a MW20 book as compensation.

  • Fixed issue introduced by last restart where you got stuck in boss fights under rare circumstances.
  • Fixed incorrect EXP values that caused early/late leveling at some levels.
  • Fixed Buddy Group Chat.
  • Fixed Sacrifice (Dragon Knight).
  • Fixed Hypnotize (Corsair).
  • Fixed setting up shops in FM22.
  • Gachapon world broadcast now shows the actual item stats.

  • Fixed a bug where being poisoned caused severe delays in attacking/using potions etc.
  • Damage reflect now has a grace time of up to 1.9 seconds after the animation starts.
  • Fixed a bug where EXP loss when dying from damage reflect wasn't immediately visible.
  • Internal changes.

  • Fixed a bug where certain crafting NPCs took materials but didn't give you Screws/Arrows if your inventory didn't have sufficient slots.
  • The recently added Party Quests now give Croosade Points.
  • Minor Gachapon tweak.

  • PSA: If you get a Dragon weapon from DRPQ, do not scroll it. Only Tablets are supposed to work on it and we'd revert your item to default stats in an upcoming restart.
  • Fixed bug where last member got warped out of DRPQ before being able to get their reward.

  • Fixed deadlock.
  • Fixed selling throwing stars with quantity > 1.
  • Fixed not losing EXP when dying from Sky Barrier in DRPQ.
  • Fixed pets not being removed in maps like DRPQ.

  • Dragon Rider PQ is now available (Lv. 100-200, 3-6 players).
  • Fixed a client bug that caused a crash when switching from Blacklist to Buddy tab for some players.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking "OK" in the revive UI sometimes did nothing.
  • Fixed a bug where scissored items disappeared when dropping them.
  • Fixed a bug where Heros and Paladins got Power Stance on 4th job advancement.
  • Removed max level limit that was accidentally left in for a quest in the Crocell quest line.

  • Romeo and Juliet Party Quests (Lv. 71-200, exactly 4 players) are now available.
  • Fixed small problems with Hoblin King PQ (multiple parties registering in the same channel; clicking the NPC multiple times, starting broken instances).
  • Fixed more issues with Reverse weapons not becoming Untradeable properly.
  • Model of a Large Coin is no longer required to enter Valefor. Instead, the quest status is checked.

  • Ellin Forest PQ (Lv. 45-200, 3-5 players) is now available.
  • Rings that were given 10 HP by a faulty STR scroll had their stats corrected.
  • People who bought a Chair Box for Croosade Points now have the correct item.

  • Mastery Book drop rate for Horntail has been increased slightly.

  • Added Croosade Points to Zakum, Horntail, Papulatus, Scarlion and Targa.
  • Fixed dispel also dispelling monster debuffs (like Seduce) in some cases.

  • Fixed "Dark Scroll for Rings for STR 70%" giving HP instead of STR.
  • Fixed name and description of "Dark Scroll for Shield for Magic Attack 50%" (it's 30%).
  • Fixed description of "Dark scroll for Overall Armor for DEX 30%".
  • Fixed Hypnotize (Corsair).
  • Fixed not being able to put Beauty Album into storage.

  • Fixed bug where PQs didn't give Croosade Points after the first time.
  • Fixed issue with Item Maker where Reverse Cabatina couldn't be crafted.
  • Fixed bug where Arans couldn't put points into Legend skills after making the 1st job advancement.
  • Minor script changes to lessen Mushroom Castle related support requests.
  • Drop rate in LMPQ has been increased from 100% to 130% (it used to be 250% - but 2x Drop Coupons work in LMPQ, that way you could maximize the amount of coupons you get).
  • Fixed client bug introduced yesterday where maps with limited view range didn't work properly anymore. We're working to make those maps display properly on higher resolutions as well.

  • Updated Point Shop and PQs.
  • The "Dynamic Hair" medal is now obtainable.
  • Fixed bug where Nine Spirit Egg wouldn't drop.
  • Fixed mob speaking system.
  • Added code for more bot catching monsters (Shade etc.).
  • Internal fixes.

  • Fixed bug where bosses used skills before reaching the proper remaining HP.
  • Fixed pet evolution bug.
  • Fixed a bug where Auto All Cure worked in Dojo and Monster Carnival.
  • Fixed Reverse items not disappearing when dropped.
  • Fixed an issue where you weren't revived when relogging.
  • Fixed issues with Heal after changing channels.
  • Alliance name now shows up in Character Info.
  • Removed Wedding Bonus EXP due to widespread abuse.
  • LMPQ ticket drop rate has been reduced.
  • PSA: For technical reasons, 2x Drop Coupons do not work on Horntail. This was also the case on official servers.

  • Added Chaos Zakum drops.

  • Horntail is now available. The time limit is 4 hours and every member may only use up to 2 Wheels of Destiny!

  • The PIN/PIC system is now available (optional). You can enable it in the Dashboard on the website.
  • Channel 5 is now available.
  • The Auto Buff Gem item has been changed to expire (instead of having expiring slots). Players with slots that hadn't expired yet have had their item changed to expire in 30 days, others have had the item removed.
  • Fixed issues with Heal.
  • Fixed debuffing more bot-catching monsters (El Nath/Magatia).
  • Fixed a bug where Phantom Imprint (Evan) only gave a damage bonus of 1% instead of up to 5%.
  • Fixed a bug where pet actions (talking etc.) didn't work under certain circumstances.
  • Internal fixes.

  • Adjusted reactor reward drops at CWKPQ and GPQ.

  • Fixed Combo Barrier for party members.
  • Fixed Phantom Imprint not working on bosses.
  • Fixed Monster Carnival kicking everyone when more than 6 players participated.
  • Fixed town scrolls being able to be used while in the same town already.
  • Fixed item set effects (incl. stat gain).
  • Fixed Dojo skills.
  • Fixed an issue where some players were unable to enter Cash Shop after crashing.
  • Pets can now be revived.

  • Fixed Steal not stunning and not taking into account the success chance.
  • Fixed Bamboo Rain dojo attack.
  • Internal fixes.

  • Cash items (such as 2x coupons) are now extended during restarts by the time the server was down.
  • The exact remaining cooldown for Zakum, Papulatus, CWKPQ and Amoria PQ is now shown to the player when attempting to enter.
  • Improved Personal Shop system so item losses won't occur on a large scale anymore if the server crashes.
  • Backend changes to avoid certain types of deadlocks.

  • Easter Event is now live.
  • Fixed Spark (Thunder Breaker) consuming extra MP when attacking.
  • Fixed Dispel removing Energy Charge.
  • Fixed inventory issues with Guild PQ offering items.
  • Internal fixes.

  • Added client hacks to remove "You are not high enough to use this skill" and "This skill can only be used when Dark Sight is active" messages.
  • "You are lacking the MP Potion that your pet is supposed to use." will only show up once every 5 seconds.

  • Guild PQ is now available.
  • Fixed Aura of the Beholder.
  • Fixed Dragon Fury effect.
  • Fixed Monster Bomb.
  • Fixed bug where expanding the buddy list wouldn't work properly.
  • Fixed bug where Clean Slate Scrolls could be used (without effect) on items that had their full amount of upgrades still available.
  • Internal fixes.

  • You will no longer lose EXP when dying in Dojo.
  • Fixed using Dojo potions when not in a party.
  • Added some missing Dojo potion effects.

  • Zakum's Force drop rate has been slightly increased.
  • Mu Lung Dojo is now available.
  • Changing channels or disconnecting in maps near Zakum will no longer return you all the way to The Passage.
  • It is now possible to use Miu Miu in Mini Dungeons.

  • Remaining non-mages who still had more than 4 INT have had it reset.
  • Fixed message when you get kicked from a Hired Merchant because the owner entered.
  • Fixed damage reflection not being shown to the player.
  • Fixed Shammos going back to the beginning under certain circumstances.
  • Minor bugfixes.

  • Improved the client's address space management so that "GFX glitches" should happen less often. We recommend you restart your client before going to Zakum, especially if you've been ingame for a while.
  • Fixed a bug where UI windows could move off-screen when going into Cash Shop on high resolutions.

  • The new HP system is now live!
  • Resurrection of the Hoblin King PQ is now available.
  • Evans gained up to 15 AP that were missing from job advancements.
  • Fixed an issue where empty throwing stars couldn't be added to a shop.
  • Fixed Ariant PQ not giving a reward.

  • Fixed a bug where Hired Merchants wouldn't close after 24 hours.
  • Player shops now show sold items.
  • Ludi PQ now keep records of runs.
  • Fixed an issue where the reactor on the ride to Orbis wouldn't spawn.
  • Orbis PQ: Feather of Goddess can now be looted by everyone once.
  • Fixed an issue where Dual Bladers could advance as another explorer.
  • Internal fixes.

  • Disabled annoying flame trigger notices in CWKPQ.
  • Fixed positioning of Aran Combo, map clocks and weather effects on higher resolutions.

  • Updated Terms of Use.

  • Fixed a deadlock caused by Item Maker in rare circumstances.
  • Removed Croosade Points from Henesys PQ until we add them to all PQs with a limit.
  • Added a client workaround for Wine to prevent Pirate skills from freezing the client (happened on macOS mostly).
  • Fixed a bug where the viewport wasn't adjusted when changing from a higher to a lower resolution.
  • Fixed HP/MP bar flashing in the wrong position on higher resolutions.
  • Fixed not being able to click in certain regions of the screen.

  • 1024x768 and 1366x768 resolutions are now available!

    • Many parts of the game (especially certain maps) weren't designed for higher resolutions, so some minor glitches are to be expected.
    • Constantly switching between resolutions is not recommended. It is best to relog after switching.

  • Fixed an oversight that led to only 200 people being able to be online at the same time.
  • Fixed Reverse Dragon equips not leveling.

  • Fixed a bug where Map of Phantom Forest was given in the quest Lost in Translation 1 instead of Finding Jack.

  • Orbis PQ is now available (Lv. 51-200, 4+ players).
  • Increased Power Elixir drop rate for various high leveled monsters.

  • Guild Alliances are now available! Note: They currently don't show in Character Info. This will be fixed at a later point.
  • iTCG Materials Box was not supposed to be tradeable and has been changed to be untradeable.
  • Fixed "Finding Jack" quest exp reward being too low.
  • Fixed Item Guards.
  • Fixed Rock of Evolution not being consumed when evolving a pet.
  • Fixed evolving Robo pet.
  • Pet equips now show in Character Info.
  • Power Guard Leech will no longer work.

  • Finally fixed the bug that caused issues in CWKPQ runs after the first one.
  • Fixed a bug with Killer Wings (Evan) introduced by last restart.

  • Added Chaos scrolls and other drops to various bosses.
  • Further CWKPQ fixes.
  • Fixed Alchemist skill (potion duration).
  • Fixed buffs not clearing when logging out.

  • Fixed scroll drop rate of area bosses to be more consistent with Mushmoms.

  • Fixed Final Toss and Upper Stab damage bonus for 2 seconds.
  • Fixed High Defense.
  • Fixed CWKPQ Bowman stage.
  • Internal fixes.

  • CWKPQ is now fully functional, including rewards.
  • Added boss HP bar for certain bosses.
  • Fixed client updating problems on certain misconfigured systems.
  • Fixed a bug introduced last restart that caused Pet Auto Pot to revive you upon death.
  • Fixed weather items being consumed even though they couldn't be used in the map at that moment.

  • Fixed an issue that caused maps to get bugged.
  • Fixed Sorcerer's Potion.
  • Fixed equipped items not updating when using an Item Tag etc.
  • You now get kicked out when leaving the party in party quests.

  • Added something somewhereCWKPQ, but it doesn't have real rewards yet. :devilish:

  • Fixed Threaten and Flashbang not working on bosses.
  • Improved fault tolerance.

  • Fixed morphs being dispelled mistakenly.
  • Stars, bullets and arrows are now sorted descending by attack when sorting inventory.
  • Fixed CP loss upon death message.
  • Monster Carnival will now show progression.
  • Fixed wedding sometimes not ending properly.
  • Internal fixes and improvements.

  • Added missing drops to Crimsonwood Keep mobs.
  • Reverted meso reward for badge exchange back to normal rates.

  • Another slight buff has been applied to scroll drop rates.

  • New faces are now available through the Credit Exchange.
  • Fixed issues with Monster Carnival.
  • Fixed issues with mob skills.
  • Fixed Evan not being able to do quest "Carta the Sea Witch".
  • Fixed a client bug that sometimes caused weird numbers to appear on throwing stars in NPC shops.
  • The client is now using a newer Gr2D_DX9 library by default. This fixes issues caused by pressing Alt+Tab in full screen mode.


  • Fixed a crash when entering/leaving maps involving friendship rings.
  • Fixed a visual glitch when buying items from a merchant while having a full inventory.
  • Fixed Owl of Minerva showing sold out items.
  • Fixed Flame Gear not affecting some monsters.
  • Fixed Battleship HP.
  • Improved certain party messages (user is blocking invitations etc.).
  • Attempted to fix Hired Merchants not closing after 24 hours.
  • Purple Magic Powders drop from more monsters as well now.
  • Increased Crimson Wood drop rate.
  • Increased [Storybook] Black Book drop rate.
  • Internal improvements.

  • Added more logging to track down client crashes.
  • Fixed Clean Slate Scrolls once again.
  • Fixed getting stuck when a Wedding Ring would have been destroyed by a scroll.
  • Added missing drops to monsters in Ninja Castle.

  • The Croosade client is now compatible with Wine (tested on Arch Linux and macOS).
  • Removed access to Happyville.
  • Fixed oddities with item leveling.
  • Fixed various bugs with Clean Slate Scrolls (10% not working, always showing failure even when it succeeded, not being able to use it on items with 0 slots).
  • Fixed certain quests for mastery level setting the skill level to 0. Affected players had their SP given back.
  • "Go" button on Owl of Minvera works now.
  • Removed max level limit from most quests that still had one (e.g. job hat quests).
  • Fixed damage reflection.
  • Monsters that dropped considerably more mesos than others at their level have had their mesos decreased.
  • Minor Gachapon revision.

  • Amoria PQ is now available (huge thanks to Taboo!).
  • Reverse/Timeless weapons will now level up.
  • Fixed purchasing Hammers from Cash Shop.
  • Fixed Mu Lung ride when being Alt+Tabbed.
  • Implemented Owl of Minerva. The "Go"-function will be added in one of the next restarts.
  • Added client hack to make Dragon pet effect work.
  • Fixed a bug in mob spawn code that caused too little mobs to spawn on some maps.
  • Galloperas had their EXP and mesos rate decreased. Skelegons/Skelosaurus had their mesos rate increased.
  • Removed effect from monster cards that affected mesos drop rate.
  • Fixed being able to use shops on two characters at the same time.
  • Fixed a bug where some equips were sometimes invisible at character selection.
  • Multi-clienting is no longer possible for some content (PQs, Zakum, Scarlion/Targa).

  • Vicious Hammers and Wheel of Destiny will only be available through the Cash Shop from now on.
  • Scissors of Karma have been added to the Croosade Point Shop.
  • Added missing VIP Invitation drop to most Kerning Square mobs.

  • Added a lot of new hairs from GMS that can now be obtained from the Credit Exchange.
  • Added missing Pirate 4th job skill quest drops.
  • Fixed Pirates being able to stack items that aren't supposed to be stackable.
  • Fixed some mobs incorrectly dropping items that get auto-consumed.
  • Clicking on a buddy will now show their location.
  • Slightly improved client loading time by leaving away half a billion CPU instructions (WZ crypto). Fuck Nexon.
  • Having an outdated client will now prevent you from logging in (and possibly getting auto-banned due to it).
  • Attempted to improve latency when using potions.

  • Added missing quest scripts "What De Lang Wants" and "De Lang's Potion".

  • Fixed a rare issue causing bugged maps.
  • Fixed Magic Resistance.
  • Attempt to fix some wedding bugs.

  • Mastery Book drop rate has been normalized across all monsters, so no book should be exceedingly rare anymore.
  • Added all missing Evan books and certain DB books to more more monsters.
  • Added missing exploration title challenges (Ludus Lake, Minar Forest, Mu Lung, Nihal Desert).

  • Brown/Red Powders drop from more monsters.
  • Inkwell shows equip stats for Lv. 64 weapons now.
  • Fixed bug when using Wheel of Destiny in certain boss maps while being alone (Papulatus, Cpt. Latanica etc.).
  • Fixed disconnecting when double clicking Fredrick.
  • Fixed issues with item merging.
  • Fixed (Cash) item effects.
  • Internal changes.

  • Fixed critical bug with Storage that could result in item loss if you put in items first and then mesos.
  • Fixed expedition bug when adding more than 6 members.
  • Fixed @drops crashing on certain inputs; item description is now visible.
  • Bans will now be broadcasted in a notice.
  • Fixed trading one-of-a-kind items.
  • Greatly increased Dragon Spirit/Scale drop rate.
  • Increased Wyvern mastery book drop rate.
  • Added "The Mark of Heroism" quest.
  • Various minor script fixes.

  • Fixed Ninja Castle potion shop (Ishirasu).
  • Added missing Ninja Castle mob ETC/mesos drops.
  • Removed Remote Gachapon Tickets from Cash Shop. Players who accidentally bought them have had them exchanged into normal tickets.
  • Fixed being able to use Aran buffs without having combos through Auto Buff.
  • Workaround for issue resulting in getting stuck because of Expeditions.
  • Fixed Maker skill giving equips with negative stats.
  • Fixed Heal consuming MP twice.
  • Fixed Frostprey not freezing.
  • Added SP resets for Evan.
  • Removed over-populated world warning.

  • Fixed accessory scrolls.
  • Fixed spikes/warmness scrolls taking up a slot when failing.
  • All weathers cost 3 points in Croosade Shop now.
  • Croosade Shop cannot be used in instance maps anymore.

  • Fixed Auto All Cure (players who purchased the item already had it extended by 18 hours) and using All Cure potions in general.
  • Fixed buying certain skins from Credit Exchange.
  • Internal fixes.
  • Fixed an incompatibiltiy issue with the client where it wouldn't run on some systems.

  • Implemented Credit Exchange.
  • Implemented Gachapon. Huge thanks to Taboo for that!
  • Fixed Echo of Hero.
  • Fixed item buffs getting dispelled.
  • Hopefully fixed issue with hourly Croosade Point gain.
  • Coded some more events.

  • Fixed an issue where logging in/changing channels sometimes stopped working.
  • Fixed disconnecting at the login screen for players who have very slow computers.

  • Fixed mob hp/mp recovery.
  • Zakum now has a 2 hour timer.

  • Fixed Squishy Shoes drop from King Slime in Kerning PQ.
  • Normalized scroll drop rate across mobs and gave it a slight buff (in certain cases up to 3x, in others more like 1.5x).
  • Croosade Point Shop has received a minor overhaul:
    • 2x Coupons and iTCG Boxes are now available for purchase.
    • 2x EXP Coupons can only be bought twice a week.
    • Items bought in this shop can no longer be moved through Cash Shop.
    • If you are online with multiple clients, only one of them (that which has been connected for the longest time) will gain points for being online.
    • Certain items like Safety Charms can now be bought in bundles.
  • Fixed Zakum Door not re-opening.
  • Fixed Wheel of Destiny.
  • Hopefully fixed (rare?) issues with Moon Bunny PQ.
  • Improved inventory merging and sorting to be much smoother and not crash with pets anymore.
  • @info now additionally displays the time of the last server restart.

  • Fixed Zakum.
  • Fixed party member skill effect not being visible.
  • Greatly increased the range in which other players can be seen on the minimap.
  • Added drops to Astaroth.
  • Fixed trading items that had Scissors of Karma applied.
  • Fixed putting one-of-a-kind items in storage.
  • Fixed Cash Pet Food items.
  • Fixed getting bugged when running out of time in Astaroth.

  • Evan Skill Books now drop from Zakum.
  • Fixed a critical issue where items were lost when disconnecting while managing a Hired Merchant.
  • Fixed getting stuck when attempting to buy items from a Merchant with a full inventory.
  • Internal changes.

  • Added Channel 4.
  • Fixed bug with Phantom Imprint.
  • Fixed ETC drop rate of Magatia and some Ninja Castle mobs to be 100%.
  • Quest "Find the Maple History Book" is now available for Evans.
  • Fixed Snack Bar spawn bug.

  • Added all missing Temple of Time quest scripts.
  • Added pet evolution quests.
  • Added missing Snack Bar area boss.
  • Added certain area bosses to more maps.
  • Fixed oddities in area boss spawn times.
  • Fixed pet equips not showing to others.
  • Fixed scrolling pet equips.
  • Fixed Recovery beginner skill.
  • Improved @map command (if you don't own the map, you now retain your place in the list of queued players without having to attack every 5 minutes. Furthermore, the timer for being considered AFK resets to 5 minutes when entering a new map).
  • Internal fixes.

  • Fixed another deadlock.
  • Overhauled the Terms of Use. Huge thanks to Cara!

  • Inkwell in Henesys now crafts Lv. 64 Maple weapons.
  • Fixed a critical issue that could lead to characters being rollbacked in a very special situation (nobody was affected by it though).
  • Santa Encyclopedias have been removed from players' inventories.
  • Rascal Snowpieces will be able to be used in the shop for another week(ish).

  • The Christmas event has been extended until 2018-01-10, 12 am server time. Some players forfeited the quest with the completed sock, those characters have had the quest added back to their questlog.
  • Fixed Quest Specialist medal.
  • Fixed Perion refining NPC.
  • The quest "Confirming the Seal" can now be completed.
  • Bartol in Nautilus now gives a quest that rewards a Warp Card for the Omega Sector warp machine (repeatable every day).

  • Fixed quest map issues introduced by last restart.
  • Fixed cost of refining a Dark Crystal in El Nath to be 100,000 mesos.
  • Added script for quest "Karcasa of the Desert".

  • Fixed Shadow Web (deals damage over time now).
  • Added Horntail PQ.
  • Internal changes.

  • Holy Symbol should be using the correct formula for party play now.
  • Fixed recharging Paper Fighter Planes.
  • Fixed recharging high star/bullet amounts when having a Mastery skill.
  • Fixed a bug where buddy list expansions only became visible after a relog.
  • Fixed an issue where pet attributes (fast walking) were not saved. Players who already completed the quest have had their pet fixed.
  • Set Ludibrium PQ minimum entry level back to 35 (got changed to 51 by accident).
  • Rankings are now automatically updated at 12 am server time every day.

  • Increased drop rate in Ludibrium Maze for a more consistent exp reward.
  • Removed max level limit from Ludibrium PQ and Pirate PQ.
  • Fixed mesos display when selling items in a regular shop.
  • Internal changes.

  • Haunted Mansion is now available. Note: Chimney monsters have had their EXP nerfed to encourage players to explore other content.
  • Fixed bugs with Thunder Breaker's Energy Charge.
  • Fixed a bug where items of the same type were swapped instead of stacked when moving them.
  • Fixed a bug where monsters didn't debuff players in many cases.
  • Fixed a bug where too much EXP was lost upon death or multiple charms were used up.
  • Fixed a bug where Evan's dragon equips didn't count into stat calculation, causing equips to be invisible for other players in certain cases.
  • Vote reminder should finally be correct.
  • Fixed History Book drop in Orbis ship.
  • Ludibrium PQ entry requirement has been fixed to be 5 or 6 players. Likewise, Kerning PQ can also be attempted with 3 or 4 players.

  • Added @map command for checking map ownership (check the Terms of Use thread).
  • Added Channel 3.
  • Minor fixes.

  • Removed permanent versions of equips from Cash Shop.
  • Changed experience formula for party play to "80:20".
  • Fixed a bug where changing maps a lot (such as in LMPQ) caused you to get stuck.
  • Fixed a bug where drops of monsters killed at the map border could be lost.
  • Fixed certain magic attacks incorrectly cancelling buffs (I/L and F/P mostly).
  • Slightly increased Nependeath Honey drop rate.
  • Added missing Evan Lv. 80 mount quest drops.
  • Fixed a bug with quests giving random rewards (e.g., Wave Translator).

  • @creditshop has been changed to @points.
  • Fixed another bug where quests didn't recognize a full inventory in certain situations.
  • Fixed pet ignore lists not being saved.

  • Fixed a bug where mount exp went negative at Lv. 29.
  • Fixed an issue that caused monster cards to stop dropping sometimes.
  • Fixed not being able to open shops anymore after changing channel or logging out with a shop opened.
  • Mesos for new players is now given only once per account (obtainable through Croosade Shop) and has been increased to 100k.
  • Fixed ETC drop rate of some monsters for which it wasn't 100%.
  • Increased drop rate of "Blackbull's Deed to the Land" and "Arwen's Glass Shoes".
  • Internal fixes.

  • Croosade Shop has been updated with many new items. Merry Christmas :)
  • Implemented Ornament shop in Happyville.

  • Fixed critical bugs with trades.
  • Christmas Socks and Scarf are now permanent (new ones and already obtained ones).
  • Fixed Puppet crashing other players when hit by a monster.
  • Fixed skill macros being carried over to other characters when relogging.

  • Fixed an issue introduced last restart that caused a bug in the Evan tutorial.
  • Implemented NPC Karcasa in Ariant.
  • Sabbath Candles now correctly drop from Horny Mushrooms instead of Axe Stumps.

  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't leave the tutorial map.
  • Hourglass works now, but it's temporarily removed from the Cash Shop.
  • Added time limits for quests that require them.
  • Fixed some Nihal Desert quests.
  • Fixed summons like Golden Eagle not debuffing monsters.

  • Fixed a bug where slot merger would accidentally remove the item in the last slot.
  • Fixed some return scrolls that didn't work.
  • Fixed some Christmas event bugs.
  • Added Rudolph pets to the Cash Shop.
  • Removed event items from Kerning Square Dolls.
  • Fixed mobs summoning minions.
  • Fixed issue where hidden portals couldn't be entered. (Like Faust)
  • Fixed several deadlocks.

  • Added Christmas event, check the forum thread for more details.
  • Critical hits now accurately show for other players.
  • Added Pirate Maple weapons.

  • Added missing portal to Area A-3 in Magatia.
  • Fixed completing Mushking Medal quest when the repeatable scroll quest was started.
  • Fixed Body Pressure (Aran) bugs.
  • Fixed "Already in a party" message.
  • Fixed Cash mount covers.
  • Fixed bugs in KPQ and PPQ.
  • Internal stability improvements.

  • Fixed bug with Maker skill quest.
  • Improved Tubi.
  • Added Neo City.
  • White eyes are now available from Ariant VIP face change.
  • Fixed Evan mounts.
  • Fixed Aran's Combo Counter stats not resetting.
  • Fixed staying in Cash Shop not counting towards online time for Croosade Points.
  • Fixed receiving buddy chat from deleted/declined buddies.

  • Added all area bosses.
  • Added vote reminder (every hour if you can vote again).
  • Added message informing players about @help on first login.
  • Fixed Vampire (Night Walker), Taunt (Shadower), Mortal Blow (Ranger/Sniper), Endure (Blade Acolyte).

  • Added missing shops in Malaysia and Kerning Square.
  • Crane is fully functional now.
  • Fixed an issue where a quest could be completed with a full inventory, causing items to be lost.
  • Fixed an issue with summons disappearing.
  • Pendant of the Spirit won't be reset if you log back in within 2 minutes after a disconnect.
  • Reverted Blessing of the Fairy skill's max level back to 20.
  • Implemented Astaroth.
  • Fixed getting same face from cosmetic NPCs.
  • Added drops to Ulu City.
  • Ludi Maze PQ can now have parties bigger than 3 members.
  • Ranking information now shows up on the character selection screen.

  • Mushking & Kerning Square quest lines do not have a max-level limit anymore.
  • Completed Kerning Square top level & related quests.
  • Fixed Ariant Coliseum.
  • Added AP Resets and Royal Face Coupon to CS.
  • Added Secret Garden shops, fixed up Miu Miu.
  • Some internal changes to fix random error 38 crashes when entering maps (towns mainly).
  • Fixed gift duplication.
  • Fixed summons respawning after leaving CS.
  • Pet potion fixes.

  • Fixed issues with "This skill cannot be used with the equipped item." message.
  • Fixed Evan tutorial exp not being 1x. Characters that overleveled have received their missing SP/HP/MP.
  • Added @drops command (temporary).
  • Fixed guild logout.
  • Fixed Pirate PQ.
  • Increased Orange Mushroom Horn drop rate.
  • Fixed a critical issue with Cash Inventory.

  • Fixed another deadlock.
  • Fixed quest item selection bug.
  • Fixed elevator.
  • Fixed getting stuck after opening boxes.
  • Fixed 'Kerning City Honorary Citizen Medal'.
  • Added 10% exp bonus for Cygnus Knights.
  • Fixed Snail's limited time not counting down.
  • Fixed "Ripped Papers" (and possibly 1-2 other quest items) not dropping.
  • Fixed all megaphone types. (Avatar Megaphone has a name bug, fixed tomorrow)
  • Modified LPQ enter requirement to 5 members.
  • Added two megaphones to the credit shop.
  • Minor code improvements.

  • Added @str, @Dex, @int and @luk commands.
  • Added Tubi for looting.
  • Fixed another deadlock, made server more resistant against rollbacks.
  • Max level of the "Blessing of the Fairy" skill is now 12.
  • Greatly improved most drop chances (equips, potions, quest drops).
  • Added Maple Weapon drops.
  • Fixed Perion Warning Signs quest.
  • Workaround for Eos Tower elevator.
  • Added missing reward for Kerning PQ and upped Squishy Shoe's drop rate.
  • Added missing portal script required for quest 'Permission to Join the Secret Organization'.
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