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  • Fixed scroll drop rate of area bosses to be more consistent with Mushmoms.

  • Fixed Final Toss and Upper Stab damage bonus for 2 seconds.
  • Fixed High Defense.
  • Fixed CWKPQ Bowman stage.
  • Internal fixes.

  • CWKPQ is now fully functional, including rewards.
  • Added boss HP bar for certain bosses.
  • Fixed client updating problems on certain misconfigured systems.
  • Fixed a bug introduced last restart that caused Pet Auto Pot to revive you upon death.
  • Fixed weather items being consumed even though they couldn't be used in the map at that moment.

  • Fixed an issue that caused maps to get bugged.
  • Fixed Sorcerer's Potion.
  • Fixed equipped items not updating when using an Item Tag etc.
  • You now get kicked out when leaving the party in party quests.

  • Added something somewhereCWKPQ, but it doesn't have real rewards yet. :devilish:

  • Fixed Threaten and Flashbang not working on bosses.
  • Improved fault tolerance.

  • Fixed morphs being dispelled mistakenly.
  • Stars, bullets and arrows are now sorted descending by attack when sorting inventory.
  • Fixed CP loss upon death message.
  • Monster Carnival will now show progression.
  • Fixed wedding sometimes not ending properly.
  • Internal fixes and improvements.

  • Added missing drops to Crimsonwood Keep mobs.
  • Reverted meso reward for badge exchange back to normal rates.

  • Another slight buff has been applied to scroll drop rates.

  • New faces are now available through the Credit Exchange.
  • Fixed issues with Monster Carnival.
  • Fixed issues with mob skills.
  • Fixed Evan not being able to do quest "Carta the Sea Witch".
  • Fixed a client bug that sometimes caused weird numbers to appear on throwing stars in NPC shops.
  • The client is now using a newer Gr2D_DX9 library by default. This fixes issues caused by pressing Alt+Tab in full screen mode.


  • Fixed a crash when entering/leaving maps involving friendship rings.
  • Fixed a visual glitch when buying items from a merchant while having a full inventory.
  • Fixed Owl of Minerva showing sold out items.
  • Fixed Flame Gear not affecting some monsters.
  • Fixed Battleship HP.
  • Improved certain party messages (user is blocking invitations etc.).
  • Attempted to fix Hired Merchants not closing after 24 hours.
  • Purple Magic Powders drop from more monsters as well now.
  • Increased Crimson Wood drop rate.
  • Increased [Storybook] Black Book drop rate.
  • Internal improvements.

  • Added more logging to track down client crashes.
  • Fixed Clean Slate Scrolls once again.
  • Fixed getting stuck when a Wedding Ring would have been destroyed by a scroll.
  • Added missing drops to monsters in Ninja Castle.

  • The Croosade client is now compatible with Wine (tested on Arch Linux and macOS).
  • Removed access to Happyville.
  • Fixed oddities with item leveling.
  • Fixed various bugs with Clean Slate Scrolls (10% not working, always showing failure even when it succeeded, not being able to use it on items with 0 slots).
  • Fixed certain quests for mastery level setting the skill level to 0. Affected players had their SP given back.
  • "Go" button on Owl of Minvera works now.
  • Removed max level limit from most quests that still had one (e.g. job hat quests).
  • Fixed damage reflection.
  • Monsters that dropped considerably more mesos than others at their level have had their mesos decreased.
  • Minor Gachapon revision.

  • Amoria PQ is now available (huge thanks to Taboo!).
  • Reverse/Timeless weapons will now level up.
  • Fixed purchasing Hammers from Cash Shop.
  • Fixed Mu Lung ride when being Alt+Tabbed.
  • Implemented Owl of Minerva. The "Go"-function will be added in one of the next restarts.
  • Added client hack to make Dragon pet effect work.
  • Fixed a bug in mob spawn code that caused too little mobs to spawn on some maps.
  • Galloperas had their EXP and mesos rate decreased. Skelegons/Skelosaurus had their mesos rate increased.
  • Removed effect from monster cards that affected mesos drop rate.
  • Fixed being able to use shops on two characters at the same time.
  • Fixed a bug where some equips were sometimes invisible at character selection.
  • Multi-clienting is no longer possible for some content (PQs, Zakum, Scarlion/Targa).

  • Vicious Hammers and Wheel of Destiny will only be available through the Cash Shop from now on.
  • Scissors of Karma have been added to the Croosade Point Shop.
  • Added missing VIP Invitation drop to most Kerning Square mobs.

  • Added a lot of new hairs from GMS that can now be obtained from the Credit Exchange.
  • Added missing Pirate 4th job skill quest drops.
  • Fixed Pirates being able to stack items that aren't supposed to be stackable.
  • Fixed some mobs incorrectly dropping items that get auto-consumed.
  • Clicking on a buddy will now show their location.
  • Slightly improved client loading time by leaving away half a billion CPU instructions (WZ crypto). Fuck Nexon.
  • Having an outdated client will now prevent you from logging in (and possibly getting auto-banned due to it).
  • Attempted to improve latency when using potions.

  • Added missing quest scripts "What De Lang Wants" and "De Lang's Potion".

  • Fixed a rare issue causing bugged maps.
  • Fixed Magic Resistance.
  • Attempt to fix some wedding bugs.

  • Mastery Book drop rate has been normalized across all monsters, so no book should be exceedingly rare anymore.
  • Added all missing Evan books and certain DB books to more more monsters.
  • Added missing exploration title challenges (Ludus Lake, Minar Forest, Mu Lung, Nihal Desert).

  • Brown/Red Powders drop from more monsters.
  • Inkwell shows equip stats for Lv. 64 weapons now.
  • Fixed bug when using Wheel of Destiny in certain boss maps while being alone (Papulatus, Cpt. Latanica etc.).
  • Fixed disconnecting when double clicking Fredrick.
  • Fixed issues with item merging.
  • Fixed (Cash) item effects.
  • Internal changes.

  • Fixed critical bug with Storage that could result in item loss if you put in items first and then mesos.
  • Fixed expedition bug when adding more than 6 members.
  • Fixed @drops crashing on certain inputs; item description is now visible.
  • Bans will now be broadcasted in a notice.
  • Fixed trading one-of-a-kind items.
  • Greatly increased Dragon Spirit/Scale drop rate.
  • Increased Wyvern mastery book drop rate.
  • Added "The Mark of Heroism" quest.
  • Various minor script fixes.

  • Fixed Ninja Castle potion shop (Ishirasu).
  • Added missing Ninja Castle mob ETC/mesos drops.
  • Removed Remote Gachapon Tickets from Cash Shop. Players who accidentally bought them have had them exchanged into normal tickets.
  • Fixed being able to use Aran buffs without having combos through Auto Buff.
  • Workaround for issue resulting in getting stuck because of Expeditions.
  • Fixed Maker skill giving equips with negative stats.
  • Fixed Heal consuming MP twice.
  • Fixed Frostprey not freezing.
  • Added SP resets for Evan.
  • Removed over-populated world warning.

  • Fixed accessory scrolls.
  • Fixed spikes/warmness scrolls taking up a slot when failing.
  • All weathers cost 3 points in Croosade Shop now.
  • Croosade Shop cannot be used in instance maps anymore.

  • Fixed Auto All Cure (players who purchased the item already had it extended by 18 hours) and using All Cure potions in general.
  • Fixed buying certain skins from Credit Exchange.
  • Internal fixes.
  • Fixed an incompatibiltiy issue with the client where it wouldn't run on some systems.

  • Implemented Credit Exchange.
  • Implemented Gachapon. Huge thanks to Taboo for that!
  • Fixed Echo of Hero.
  • Fixed item buffs getting dispelled.
  • Hopefully fixed issue with hourly Croosade Point gain.
  • Coded some more events.

  • Fixed an issue where logging in/changing channels sometimes stopped working.
  • Fixed disconnecting at the login screen for players who have very slow computers.

  • Fixed mob hp/mp recovery.
  • Zakum now has a 2 hour timer.

  • Fixed Squishy Shoes drop from King Slime in Kerning PQ.
  • Normalized scroll drop rate across mobs and gave it a slight buff (in certain cases up to 3x, in others more like 1.5x).
  • Croosade Point Shop has received a minor overhaul:
    • 2x Coupons and iTCG Boxes are now available for purchase.
    • 2x EXP Coupons can only be bought twice a week.
    • Items bought in this shop can no longer be moved through Cash Shop.
    • If you are online with multiple clients, only one of them (that which has been connected for the longest time) will gain points for being online.
    • Certain items like Safety Charms can now be bought in bundles.
  • Fixed Zakum Door not re-opening.
  • Fixed Wheel of Destiny.
  • Hopefully fixed (rare?) issues with Moon Bunny PQ.
  • Improved inventory merging and sorting to be much smoother and not crash with pets anymore.
  • @info now additionally displays the time of the last server restart.

  • Fixed Zakum.
  • Fixed party member skill effect not being visible.
  • Greatly increased the range in which other players can be seen on the minimap.
  • Added drops to Astaroth.
  • Fixed trading items that had Scissors of Karma applied.
  • Fixed putting one-of-a-kind items in storage.
  • Fixed Cash Pet Food items.
  • Fixed getting bugged when running out of time in Astaroth.

  • Evan Skill Books now drop from Zakum.
  • Fixed a critical issue where items were lost when disconnecting while managing a Hired Merchant.
  • Fixed getting stuck when attempting to buy items from a Merchant with a full inventory.
  • Internal changes.

  • Added Channel 4.
  • Fixed bug with Phantom Imprint.
  • Fixed ETC drop rate of Magatia and some Ninja Castle mobs to be 100%.
  • Quest "Find the Maple History Book" is now available for Evans.
  • Fixed Snack Bar spawn bug.

  • Added all missing Temple of Time quest scripts.
  • Added pet evolution quests.
  • Added missing Snack Bar area boss.
  • Added certain area bosses to more maps.
  • Fixed oddities in area boss spawn times.
  • Fixed pet equips not showing to others.
  • Fixed scrolling pet equips.
  • Fixed Recovery beginner skill.
  • Improved @map command (if you don't own the map, you now retain your place in the list of queued players without having to attack every 5 minutes. Furthermore, the timer for being considered AFK resets to 5 minutes when entering a new map).
  • Internal fixes.

  • Fixed another deadlock.
  • Overhauled the Terms of Use. Huge thanks to Cara!

  • Inkwell in Henesys now crafts Lv. 64 Maple weapons.
  • Fixed a critical issue that could lead to characters being rollbacked in a very special situation (nobody was affected by it though).
  • Santa Encyclopedias have been removed from players' inventories.
  • Rascal Snowpieces will be able to be used in the shop for another week(ish).

  • The Christmas event has been extended until 2018-01-10, 12 am server time. Some players forfeited the quest with the completed sock, those characters have had the quest added back to their questlog.
  • Fixed Quest Specialist medal.
  • Fixed Perion refining NPC.
  • The quest "Confirming the Seal" can now be completed.
  • Bartol in Nautilus now gives a quest that rewards a Warp Card for the Omega Sector warp machine (repeatable every day).

  • Fixed quest map issues introduced by last restart.
  • Fixed cost of refining a Dark Crystal in El Nath to be 100,000 mesos.
  • Added script for quest "Karcasa of the Desert".

  • Fixed Shadow Web (deals damage over time now).
  • Added Horntail PQ.
  • Internal changes.

  • Holy Symbol should be using the correct formula for party play now.
  • Fixed recharging Paper Fighter Planes.
  • Fixed recharging high star/bullet amounts when having a Mastery skill.
  • Fixed a bug where buddy list expansions only became visible after a relog.
  • Fixed an issue where pet attributes (fast walking) were not saved. Players who already completed the quest have had their pet fixed.
  • Set Ludibrium PQ minimum entry level back to 35 (got changed to 51 by accident).
  • Rankings are now automatically updated at 12 am server time every day.

  • Increased drop rate in Ludibrium Maze for a more consistent exp reward.
  • Removed max level limit from Ludibrium PQ and Pirate PQ.
  • Fixed mesos display when selling items in a regular shop.
  • Internal changes.

  • Haunted Mansion is now available. Note: Chimney monsters have had their EXP nerfed to encourage players to explore other content.
  • Fixed bugs with Thunder Breaker's Energy Charge.
  • Fixed a bug where items of the same type were swapped instead of stacked when moving them.
  • Fixed a bug where monsters didn't debuff players in many cases.
  • Fixed a bug where too much EXP was lost upon death or multiple charms were used up.
  • Fixed a bug where Evan's dragon equips didn't count into stat calculation, causing equips to be invisible for other players in certain cases.
  • Vote reminder should finally be correct.
  • Fixed History Book drop in Orbis ship.
  • Ludibrium PQ entry requirement has been fixed to be 5 or 6 players. Likewise, Kerning PQ can also be attempted with 3 or 4 players.

  • Added @map command for checking map ownership (check the Terms of Use thread).
  • Added Channel 3.
  • Minor fixes.

  • Removed permanent versions of equips from Cash Shop.
  • Changed experience formula for party play to "80:20".
  • Fixed a bug where changing maps a lot (such as in LMPQ) caused you to get stuck.
  • Fixed a bug where drops of monsters killed at the map border could be lost.
  • Fixed certain magic attacks incorrectly cancelling buffs (I/L and F/P mostly).
  • Slightly increased Nependeath Honey drop rate.
  • Added missing Evan Lv. 80 mount quest drops.
  • Fixed a bug with quests giving random rewards (e.g., Wave Translator).

  • @creditshop has been changed to @points.
  • Fixed another bug where quests didn't recognize a full inventory in certain situations.
  • Fixed pet ignore lists not being saved.

  • Fixed a bug where mount exp went negative at Lv. 29.
  • Fixed an issue that caused monster cards to stop dropping sometimes.
  • Fixed not being able to open shops anymore after changing channel or logging out with a shop opened.
  • Mesos for new players is now given only once per account (obtainable through Croosade Shop) and has been increased to 100k.
  • Fixed ETC drop rate of some monsters for which it wasn't 100%.
  • Increased drop rate of "Blackbull's Deed to the Land" and "Arwen's Glass Shoes".
  • Internal fixes.

  • Croosade Shop has been updated with many new items. Merry Christmas :)
  • Implemented Ornament shop in Happyville.

  • Fixed critical bugs with trades.
  • Christmas Socks and Scarf are now permanent (new ones and already obtained ones).
  • Fixed Puppet crashing other players when hit by a monster.
  • Fixed skill macros being carried over to other characters when relogging.

  • Fixed an issue introduced last restart that caused a bug in the Evan tutorial.
  • Implemented NPC Karcasa in Ariant.
  • Sabbath Candles now correctly drop from Horny Mushrooms instead of Axe Stumps.

  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't leave the tutorial map.
  • Hourglass works now, but it's temporarily removed from the Cash Shop.
  • Added time limits for quests that require them.
  • Fixed some Nihal Desert quests.
  • Fixed summons like Golden Eagle not debuffing monsters.

  • Fixed a bug where slot merger would accidentally remove the item in the last slot.
  • Fixed some return scrolls that didn't work.
  • Fixed some Christmas event bugs.
  • Added Rudolph pets to the Cash Shop.
  • Removed event items from Kerning Square Dolls.
  • Fixed mobs summoning minions.
  • Fixed issue where hidden portals couldn't be entered. (Like Faust)
  • Fixed several deadlocks.

  • Added Christmas event, check the forum thread for more details.
  • Critical hits now accurately show for other players.
  • Added Pirate Maple weapons.

  • Added missing portal to Area A-3 in Magatia.
  • Fixed completing Mushking Medal quest when the repeatable scroll quest was started.
  • Fixed Body Pressure (Aran) bugs.
  • Fixed "Already in a party" message.
  • Fixed Cash mount covers.
  • Fixed bugs in KPQ and PPQ.
  • Internal stability improvements.

  • Fixed bug with Maker skill quest.
  • Improved Tubi.
  • Added Neo City.
  • White eyes are now available from Ariant VIP face change.
  • Fixed Evan mounts.
  • Fixed Aran's Combo Counter stats not resetting.
  • Fixed staying in Cash Shop not counting towards online time for Croosade Points.
  • Fixed receiving buddy chat from deleted/declined buddies.

  • Added all area bosses.
  • Added vote reminder (every hour if you can vote again).
  • Added message informing players about @help on first login.
  • Fixed Vampire (Night Walker), Taunt (Shadower), Mortal Blow (Ranger/Sniper), Endure (Blade Acolyte).

  • Added missing shops in Malaysia and Kerning Square.
  • Crane is fully functional now.
  • Fixed an issue where a quest could be completed with a full inventory, causing items to be lost.
  • Fixed an issue with summons disappearing.
  • Pendant of the Spirit won't be reset if you log back in within 2 minutes after a disconnect.
  • Reverted Blessing of the Fairy skill's max level back to 20.
  • Implemented Astaroth.
  • Fixed getting same face from cosmetic NPCs.
  • Added drops to Ulu City.
  • Ludi Maze PQ can now have parties bigger than 3 members.
  • Ranking information now shows up on the character selection screen.

  • Mushking & Kerning Square quest lines do not have a max-level limit anymore.
  • Completed Kerning Square top level & related quests.
  • Fixed Ariant Coliseum.
  • Added AP Resets and Royal Face Coupon to CS.
  • Added Secret Garden shops, fixed up Miu Miu.
  • Some internal changes to fix random error 38 crashes when entering maps (towns mainly).
  • Fixed gift duplication.
  • Fixed summons respawning after leaving CS.
  • Pet potion fixes.

  • Fixed issues with "This skill cannot be used with the equipped item." message.
  • Fixed Evan tutorial exp not being 1x. Characters that overleveled have received their missing SP/HP/MP.
  • Added @drops command (temporary).
  • Fixed guild logout.
  • Fixed Pirate PQ.
  • Increased Orange Mushroom Horn drop rate.
  • Fixed a critical issue with Cash Inventory.

  • Fixed another deadlock.
  • Fixed quest item selection bug.
  • Fixed elevator.
  • Fixed getting stuck after opening boxes.
  • Fixed 'Kerning City Honorary Citizen Medal'.
  • Added 10% exp bonus for Cygnus Knights.
  • Fixed Snail's limited time not counting down.
  • Fixed "Ripped Papers" (and possibly 1-2 other quest items) not dropping.
  • Fixed all megaphone types. (Avatar Megaphone has a name bug, fixed tomorrow)
  • Modified LPQ enter requirement to 5 members.
  • Added two megaphones to the credit shop.
  • Minor code improvements.

  • Added @str, @dex, @int and @luk commands.
  • Added Tubi for looting.
  • Fixed another deadlock, made server more resistant against rollbacks.
  • Max level of the "Blessing of the Fairy" skill is now 12.
  • Greatly improved most drop chances (equips, potions, quest drops).
  • Added Maple Weapon drops.
  • Fixed Perion Warning Signs quest.
  • Workaround for Eos Tower elevator.
  • Added missing reward for Kerning PQ and upped Squishy Shoe's drop rate.
  • Added missing portal script required for quest 'Permission to Join the Secret Organization'.
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