Server/ladder resets?

What do you think about monthly/yearly server/ladder resets?

  • Yes, once a year

  • Yes, every 6 months (2 resets a year)

  • Yes, every 3 months (4 resets a year)

  • Yes, reset once and in the future if needed, no set date

  • Hell no

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May 16, 2018
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I'm a big of games like Diablo II, Diablo III, PoE and games like those. The reason some of the older games still have a decent player base is because of ladder resets.

A ladder reset is basically a complete wipe. Every character, every item, everything. This process enables players to start over with a fresh economy. Lots of people want to race to the top while others just want to enjoy re-leveling with their friends and possibly meet new ones, all with a new and fresh economy.

The downside is that a lot of players will want to keep their stuff from previous ladders.. Not sure how to get around this, separate channels somehow? Items transfer over? Not sure.

I just feel like the v92 kinda needs this now with the 20+ playerbase.. Might bring people back and potentialy new players.


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Jul 1, 2018
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If this server wipes one year of work, I quit. I don't quite think it matters for a Maplestory server as this server is progressive. Could see it work with other servers, but definitely not with a progressive one.
v92 section my dude.

As for diablo type ladders, the game mechanics for v92would have to change drastically. In those games you get upgrades by just killing stuff. The amount of time you have to invest to upgrade things in a game like maple is very different. Besides the leveling in those games is very different from that of maple, where you can get to "end game levels" in a day.

I could see it happening, but there would have to be A LOT of custom shit for it to work. And who knows if there's an audience for that kind of gameplay.

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