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Dec 26, 2018

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Ok, after that lame, lobsided introduction of our first three weeks as a guild I'll give a brief history and get to the point. We hit our first-month mark last Wednesday. It's been great. I've led many guilds, in GMS, other MS PSers, FPS games, strategy games, puzzle games, the list goes on. Enough bragging, I like to think we're a laid back guild with the primary goal of enjoying ourselves. I wanted to do this earlier, but between pretending that I have a job, life and playing Croosade, I didn't have a whole lot of time. So without further ado,

Slay is going to be holding an event on Saturday ALL are welcome to play, even people I/we/us do not like. This is not a large, high profiled event with huge giveaways(I'm poor, sorry), but, I believe it will be fun nonetheless.

There will be three events, randomly throughout the day, about a 15-minute warning before the beginning of each event with a greater description of the event. I'll give some hints to the events here, and to the prizes, but nothing is definite. The events may include, generic boring names such as, guess the range, guess the middle, guess the nation, guess the guild, guess the- Ok, I'll be a bit kinder than that. The three events in no particular order will be, "Guess the middle" "Kill for the Krusade" and "Spot it".

Each event will have at least one winner. The winners will receive one or more of the following; Spectrum goggles, potential equips, cubes, premium cubes, advanced potential scrolls, NX, Mesos, Chairs, and more.

Slay guild members MAY have a SLIGHT advantage in the sense they may know more about the events prior to the warning. Or a major advantage. It's not an unfair one. Slay is a guild open to all. You can join. We are recruiting.

Also, at my sole discretion, I reserve the right to refuse a player a reward if reasonable doubt is established that they have in any way cheated on one or more of the events. In this case, the reward will be passed on to the runner up.
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Run down of the events and rewards:

1. Guess the Middle
Time: From now until 9PM EST tomorrow.
Reward: 5k credits
Simple, non-croosade related event. It's simple. Guess my middle name. You can have a total of three tries at this. Some hints: My gender is male. M middle name is between 4-10 letters.
The first try will be in my shop in CH1 FM2 top right, leave your guess in the chat.
The second try will be as a response to this forum post. Feel free to ask a question or something along with your post, if you feel the need to.
The third try will be over discord. My discord is Matt#7125.
In the case that there are multiple correct guessers, award priority will fall to FM guesser(s), Post guesser(s), and finally to discord guessers. If there are multiple FM guessers, it will be given to the first correct guesser. There is a possibility for runner up prizes, but nothing quite as exciting as credits.

2. Kill for the Krusade
Time: Between 10 A.M. and 2 P.M. EST (1 warning before the event starts)
Reward: 10 str 2l epic Spectrum Goggles (Not hammered)
Kill 3 of several listed crusade bosses. I will supply a list of crusade bosses to kill, whoever kills 3 first wins. You can not kill the same boss more than once. Timestamp(@map) with a screenshot of the boss' drops and the map name visible suggested. You can send over the Forum or discord (Matt#7125).

3. Spot it
Time: Between 12 P.M. and 4 P.M. EST (3 warnings before the event starts)
Reward: Choice between Zakum skill book (if available, you SoK), 1 p. miracle cube, and 3 Advanced Potential Scroll.
It's simple, I will post (on the discord) up to 9 screen shots of a certain map, one at a time. The first person to DM me on discord wins. If you say your guess in the general discord, it will not be counted. One guess per SS is allowed. There will be about a one minute period between screenshots being posted on the discord.

Taboo is the winner by default.
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